My 3 Monsters: Dylan's Magic Money Box {How to Gift Money the Fun Way!}

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Dylan's Magic Money Box
{How to Gift Money the Fun Way!}

Hi guys!  Saturday was my youngest kiddo's 13th birthday.  I always feel a little bit bad for him having a birthday right after the holidays.  Everyone is all celebrated out and he has just received a bunch of new gifts.  He NEVER gives us any ideas of what to get for him.  This year when asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said,"I don't know.  Something awesome, I guess."  Thanks, bro.

I'm a huge champion for giving "real" gifts, but over the years we have given up and just started giving him cash.  That way he can save it until the newness of his Christmas gifts wears off and something else strikes his fancy.  I refuse to just slap some cash in a card and call it a day, however.  We try to find fun ways to give it to him -- the sillier, the better.  One year I slipped the bills in between the layers of a roll of toilet paper so he had to unroll the whole thing and make a mess to get it.  This year we decided to make a Magic Money Box.

I got a bunch of small bills -- some ones, fives, and tens -- and taped them together end to end with scotch tape to make one long strip of money.  I attached a post-it note that said PULL to one end. Then I wrapped a small box and cut a slit in the top with an exacto knife (3 inches long by 1/4 inch wide).  In the picture above, the slit is hidden by the bow.  Carefully feed the strip of money into the box, starting with the end opposite the post-it note.

It was super fun to watch his smile get bigger and bigger as he pulled the money out of the box.  He couldn't believe that it just kept coming!  While it would irritate me to no end getting that many one dollar bills, it didn't bother him a bit.

I love that Goofy kid! 

Have a great day!


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