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Printable Christmas Gift Tags

FREE Printable Holiday Gift Tags at /

Hi guys!  In past years I’ve shared how we keep Christmas simple here in our family by giving only 4 gifts – something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.  {Of course, even though they’re teenagers, Santa still comes calling -- they’re exceptionally good kids, after all.  He usually brings the “something they want”. } Now that the kids are a little older, my husband and I like to get tricky with it.  Something to wear could be cologne or gym socks with the key tag for their new gym membership tucked inside.  Something to read could be a magazine subscription. Last year we did “something for reading” and gave them down comforters {so they could curl up in bed with a good book}. Something they need might be a wallet or new earbuds with an iTunes gift card to make it a little more fun.  It has become something my kids really look forward to each year.  I’ve designed some new printable gift tags with that theme in mind.

FREE Printable Holiday Gift Tags at /

FREE Printable Holiday Gift Tags at /

FREE Printable Holiday Gift Tags at /

The printable is available to download for your personal use here.  Print it straight from your home printer onto cardstock, or send it to your favorite local print center.  I always use Staples Copy and Print because they do a nice job.  

Looking for other ideas?  Here are some of my previous printable gift tags:  {click on the images to see the posts.}

FREE Printable holiday gift tags at /     FREE Printable holiday gift tags at /

Happy Holidays!


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