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DIY Dry-Erase Calendar with FREE Printable

Dry Erase Printable Calendar at /
Hi guys!  Long time, no see, right?!  I know it's mid-February and this is more of a January-type project. I've been meaning to share this dry-erase calendar project for weeks now, after several of you requested an updated version of the one I made last year.  I just can't seem to find the time to post here as often as I would like to.  I'm trying to go to the gym several times a week and help my kiddos stay on top of their school work, while working full time and attempting to keep my house from ending up on an episode of hoarders. {I have really needed this new calendar!!}

I know, I know. I'm not complaining, really. I've had my "new job" for several months now and I should be used to it, but this is the first month Brent and I have BOTH worked full time and we are starting to drown in unfinished chores. Saturdays are filled with basketball games, baby showers, and Costco trips. Every time I pencil in some quality blogging time, I end up getting a phone call from someone who needs urgent decorating help or some-such aspect of my attention.  That calendar in the photo looks pretty sparse because I haven't even had time to write stuff down!

The point of all of that rambling is that I'm here now and I have this really fun new dry-erase calendar printable to share with you.  Yay!!  This project will only take a few minutes to put together and will help keep you and yours organized all year long.  To begin, download the calendar image by clicking the image below {or from dropbox here} and have it printed at your favorite photo processing center.  It is a 16 x 20-inch print.

Dry Erase Calendar Printable at /
You will also need a 16x20-inch frame with glass insert and a fine point Sharpie marker.  Simply place your photo print in the frame underneath the glass and hang it up.  I used a few Command Adhesive photo-hanging strips {the ones that look like plastic velcro} to attach it securely to the back of my front door.  We had the calendar frame in the same spot all last year and it has stayed right in place, even though the door gets opened {and slammed} a million times a day.  

Dry Erase Calendar Printable at /
I mentioned this last year, but it bears repeating -- you can use dry erase markers to fill in your calendar, but I prefer fine-tipped Sharpie markers.  They are so much easier to write neatly with the ink comes out darker and smoother.  Plus, everything you write stays in place until you clean it off with a little bit of rubbing alcohol.  For quick, minor fixes I use those little alcohol prep wipes, but when I need to erase the whole calendar at the end of the month, I dampen a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe it down.

Dry Erase Calendar Printable at /
Having a dry erase calendar has been a HUGE help in keeping myself organized.  When we sit down and have our little "family planning meeting" every Monday evening we all add our events for the week or month.  It's right on the back of my front door so I see it and am reminded of upcoming events every time I leave the house.  

Do you have any tricks that help to keep your family organized when life gets busy?  Leave me a comment and help a sister out, huh?

Have a great day friends!


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