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My Magic Trick for Applying Contact Paper to Glass Surfaces

Hi guys!  A few weeks ago I found a roll of the cutest gray trellis patterned contact paper while I was picking up some stuff for another project at Lowes.  I knew it was exactly the thing I needed to clean up my fridge and give it a little makeover.  I know, I know.  Lining shelves with contact paper -- be it in the fridge or the pantry -- is hardly a novel idea.  But have you ever tried to apply contact paper to glass?  It's quite possibly the most difficult thing in the world to do and have it look good. Today I want to share a little magic with y'all to make the job the job soooooo much easier!

My Magic Trick for Applying Contact Paper to Glass Surfaces -- trick out your fridge or your windows for almost no money in just minutes! At /
Here's a little example of my best attempt at applying contact paper to my glass refrigerator shelf the "old fashioned" way.  Try as I might, I could not avoid getting bubbles, which inevitably creased when I tried to scrape them out.  At one point I tried to peel the contact paper up and smooth it out again, and tore it tout suite.  But add one simple step to the process and . . . 

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