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String Art Initials -- Easy Craft Idea

String Art Initial Plaques -- a super easy craft to do with your teens this summer from /
Hi guys!  As you may know, for the past several summers I have had the extreme privilege of heading up the craft cabin at our church's camp for teenage girls. {We call it Girl's Camp.}  I have tons of fun each year coming up with cool new quick & simple craft projects to teach the girls.  This year one of the projects I have planned are these fun String Art Initial plaques.  I can't wait to see how each girl will put her own unique spin on it!! 

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Budget Kitchen Makeover Progress

Budget Kitchen Makeover progress at /
HI guys!  Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?! Almost two years ago I put together this mood board for the main living area of our house -- kitchen, dining room, and family room.  I studied interior design at BYU and I'm kinda' nerdy so this is what I do for fun.  At the time, my husband was out of work and I was feeling very overwhelmed, wanting change, but feeling stuck.  It helped to dream a little bit and visualize a better time in the future.

It didn't seem so at the time, but dark days and challenges do come to an end.  Over the past few months, I've slowly and surely started doing some of the projects I had dreamed of at that time.  Our home is still a work in progress, but y'all, I didn't know I could LOVE this dinky little house so much!  It is bright and warm and the perfect backdrop for our little family.  

I hope this post doesn't come across as braggy.  I'm not trying to be like,"Look at the majestically lovely place I have created for my perfect family who never make messes, darlings. Please hold your applause for the end of the tour."  I mean, come on.  You've all been on Pinterest.  You've all seen the uh-mazing homes that are out there on the internet for us all to drool over and we all know that mine is not really one of them.  This post is meant to encourage you to create a house that you love, even if it's not Pinterest-worthy.  Surround yourself with things that you love, collected over time.  Put your heart and soul, your blood, sweat, and tears into your home.  Dream a little when that's all you are able to do, knowing that someday it will all come together.  I promise.

Budget Kitchen Makeover progress at /
So, we started with a plan -- the first photo of this post.  My first project was giving all my golden yellow walls a coat {or three} of white paint.  It took all of my fall break from work to complete it and was a TOTAL pain in the booty.  My husband was wary because we have always had colorful walls and the whiter things got in here the more stark and "sanitary" things started to look.  Now, I want my house to be sanitary, I just don't want that to be word people use to describe it.  I assured him that when we added in some bright, colorful accessories it was going to be warm and inviting again. And then I prayed that I was right.  {I love my mirror-turned chalkboard on the white background wall. Chalk art design found here. Bright and fun scrappy garland tutorial found here.}

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Cheeky Motivational Printable

Free printable -- cake is a sometimes food -- to keep you motivated for healthy eating.  From /
Hi guys!  I've been severely MIA these past few months -- we've had a broken wrist with an accompanying surgery in the family and the busy end of the school year with its accompanying general summer laziness and lack of motivation to work. Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to 'em!  Enough about all that . . . let's just get straight back into the fun.  I am now in my 40's {that's not the fun part} so my doctor put me on his "longevity program".  I underwent the most intense physical of my life only to discover that everything is working in proper order, except I need to go a little easier in the carb department.  {That's not the fun part either.}

Y'all, I wanted to cry when I heard that.  Happy tears, some, for being generally healthy, but the thought of a low-carb life was devastating to me.  I could live -- I mean, I WANT to live -- on homemade bread and caffeine-free Coke alone.  {Apparently it wouldn't be a long and active life, however.  Thanks for smashing my dream, doc.}  And cake.  Don't even get me started on cake.  The worst thing our generation has done is to start selling single slices of cake in the grocery store bakery.  I used to have to get invited to a birthday party to get a delicious corner piece of cake with more fluffy frosting than actual cake. That kept the addiction under control.  Now I just have to be out running errands.  It's just wrong. So, as I embark on gaining a new appreciation for lean protein and vegetables, I made myself a little motivational reminder to hang in the dining room. 

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