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Ruffled Collar Cardigan Refashion

Phew! I got the other project done with time to spare. I've had this really cute J Crew cardigan pinned for a while now as an inspiration piece. I love the ruffly collar especially. {Ruffles are my favorite! I'm so glad they've come back into fashion lately.}
J Crew cardigan
I just so happened to have a green v-neck cardigan in my stash and some green taffeta-ish fabric that was almost a perfect match.  Here is my knock-off:
It was a really easy project. I started by cutting two long strips of fabric about 7" wide by 45" long {just the entire width of the fabric from selvage to selvage}. Sew the two strips together on one end so you end up with a strip that is 7" wide by about 89" long.  Fold the fabric in half the long way with right sides together.  Sew a curved line to round out the corner on each end.  See in the picture how the edge of the ruffle is a little curved on each end where it buttons together?  That's what you're doing here.  Trim off the excess fabric and turn right side out.  Press the entire strip along the long edge to make a sharp crease.

Now sew along the open edge of your strip to gather it and create your ruffle.  Start pinning your ruffle to the inside of the collar edge by matching up the center of the ruffle and the center back of the sweater.  It will look ridiculous at this point because your ruffle will be standing straight up from the collar of your sweater.  That's OK.  We'll fold it over and press it a little later.  Sew around the collar edge with a straight stitch to attach the collar to the sweater.  Then sew around the rough edge of the collar again with a zig-zag stitch to hold the edge down inside your sweater and keep the raw edge from fraying.

At this point you'll fold your collar over to the right side of the sweater and press the heck out of it to make it lay flat and stay in place.

If you use a light-weight fabric, like a cotton or chiffon, that might be enough to keep the collar in place.  Mine was a heavier taffeta-like fabric so it needed a little help to stay laying flat.  I took a needle and thread and tacked the collar down to the sweater every inch or so all the way around.  Be careful to not sew through the top layer of the collar as you tack it so that your stitches will remain hidden.  At this point I pressed it again for good measure, but that's about all you have to do.  I plan to wash the sweater on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry to keep the collar in good shape.  I love it.  It's going to look so good with jeans and a little floral top underneath it.  Yee haw!  Cruise on Friday.  Can't wait!

{P.S. My husband got a job today so it has been a great day all around!!  Thanks for all your well-wishes these past few months.  It has meant a lot to us.}


  1. Hurray! for the job--now you can really kick back on your trip. Very happy for you!

  2. That turned out soooo cute! Congrats on the job thing, hope he really loves it. Have a wonderful cruise!

  3. Amazing project, and Congratulations to Brent! That is great! Love ya' by the way.


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