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Fantastic Four Movie Party Printables

Fantastic Four Movie Party Printables at
Hi guys!  Yesterday I shared four yummy popcorn recipes that would be perfect for  Fantastic Four movie party.  Today I have the printables I created to accompany them for you!  Years ago we rented out a theater for the premiere of The Avengers and invited all our friends to join us.  It was one of the most memorable things we have ever done as a family and we have all been itching to do it again.  Super hero movies just lend themselves to viewing with friends.  If you are thinking about throwing a Fantastic Four viewing party {even if it's just watching the older Fantastic Four movies in your back yard}, I have some fun printables that will make the evening memorable!

Fantastic Four Movie Party Printables at

Fantastic Four Movie Party Printables at

Fantastic Four Movie Party Printables at
Fantastic Four Movie Party Printables at
I designed these two-sided tags to be attached to small cellophane bags of flavored popcorn.  Dowload the pdf file from my Dropbox here.  I simply printed the tags in color onto card stock, cut out the squares and glued them back to back, with the logo on one side and the character on the other.  Then I punched a hole on one corner and tied them to the tops of the bags with ribbon.  I kept my bags of popcorn on the small side because I knew many people would want to sample more than one {if not all} of the flavors.  Attach the picture to the flavor of popcorn that represents each character, or randomly attach to bags of plain, buttered popcorn.

You could also punch holes in the top and bottom of each tag and slide onto drinking straws to keep the theme going in all your treats!

See -- it's a popcorn party as much as a movie party.  Because, I mean, if you go to the trouble of making FOUR different flavors of popcorn . . .  Download the blank invitation from my Drop box here.  It is a 5x7 image that you can open in any photo editing program {like Photoshop, Gimp, or PicMonkey} to add all your own info.  If you don't feel super tech-savvy, use a gel pen to hand-write the details on the invitations.  See, I'm lookin' out for all y'all!   

{BTW... because I know some of you are going to ask . . . the font I used at the bottom is Chanpagne & Limousines.  It's an awesome, stylish basic font that I use a whole lot.}

I hope that helps some of you guys in planning family get-togethers or children's birthday parties.  For the popcorn recipes, click on the image below.

Have a great day, friends!

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