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Free Printable Valentines Week: Fuzzy Sock Valentines

Hi guys!!  After taking a little break to first celebrate the holidays, then mourn their passing and get my house back in order, I am very excited to get into Valentine mode.  I know it's still nearly a month away, but this gives us plenty of time to whip up some fun homemade valentines for our kiddos and their classmates, right?  {In reality, if your life is like mine, we'll probably actually be printing these on February 11th for our kids to scribble their names on and take to school for "Friendship Day" on the 12th, amiright?!} I thought when my youngest entered middle school three years ago we would be done doing valentines, but boy was I wrong!  My teenagers are all about giving goodies to their friends and  I LOVE IT.

This year I was so inspired by the cute things in the Target Dollar Spot that I created four different valentines even older kids will love.  I'm totally not kidding, guys!  They have such cute stuff right now! Even if you're a procrastinator super busy mom, do yourself a favor and hit the Dollar Spot NOW so you'll have the supplies on hand later.  Good stuff like this doesn't stick around forever in the Dollar Spot.  Ask me about the gold polka dotted stemless wine glasses that I didn't buy shortly after Thanksgiving and then couldn't find anywhere two weeks later. I'm still kicking myself about those.

To kick off this fun week of Free Printable Valentines here at My 3 Monsters, I'm sharing these Fuzzy Sock Valentines:

Super cute!!  Free printable Fuzzy Sock Valentines from
Who doesn't love a pair of fuzzy socks?!  I created these with my 17 year old daughter and her friends in mind.  {Also my own friends and co-workers.  We're still fun, too.}  These are the easiest -- just print, cut, punch, and tie.  Those fuzzy socks came from -- you guessed it -- the Target Dollar Spot! I loved the gray and red combo, but they had some pink ones to choose from, too.  

Super cute!!  Free printable Fuzzy Sock Valentines from
Super cute!!  Free printable Fuzzy Sock Valentines from
Raise your hand if you can relate.  I prefer to "ice skate" on the wood floors in my fuzzy socks, but I have personally seen every member of my family do the ninja thing at one point or another.  I'm kind of in love with that foil effect right now. Until I can convince my husband that a Minc machine is a crafting necessity, I'll have to settle for this faux printable version.  It's actually pretty fun, don't you think?

After I had already printed the gold version, I had the inspiration to create a red foil version as well.  DUH!  It looks like Valentine chocolate wrappers and matches the cute socks better.  

They can be printed in color on 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock.  I had mine printed at Staples Copy & Print Center because I think the color turns out better on a laser printer than on my inkjet at home.  

Here are the other fun Valentine ideas in this series:

 Check back tomorrow for another free printable valentine idea!

Have a great day, friends!


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