My 3 Monsters: Printable "Names of Christ" Study Cards on Sugardoodle
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Printable "Names of Christ" Study Cards on Sugardoodle

Hi, guys!  I’m so excited for the opportunity to share a fun idea over at Sugardoodle to help make your family’s Easter more meaningful.  As a family of teenagers, our Easter looks a little different now than it used to.  Sadly, we have “aged out” of the egg hunts and some of the more traditional Easter activities, but I still really want to make it a special holiday for my family.  With that in mind, I created these “Names of Christ” printable study cards. 
It's the perfect way to keep the Savior in our daily thoughts and conversations in the week leading up to Easter.

These were a real labor of love, and probably my favorite blog project to date.  I hope you'll head over to Sugardoodle to check them out.  I also created a pastel and a watercolor version if you're looking for something a little more Easter-y!

Happy Spring!


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