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Coming Right Along . . .

It's been over a week since my last post.  I'm hanging my head in shame, but only just a little bit because I've had some big projects in the works.  Remember this:
I have successfully relocated our "office" to the living room and got the internet reconnected just this morning.  I've rehung pictures on our family art gallery wall and looked for inexpensive (used or vintage) chandeliers for our dining room and kitchen.  This weekend, fingers crossed, we will install bead board paneling and chair rail moulding around the living room to hide the dumb fireplace and create a visual separation between the open living room and dining room.  With the rest of my week I plan to go junking for a lamp to put on the desk and paint my armoire.  Fun, fun, fun!  It's like getting a brand new home . . . kind of.

Also, we went camping over the weekend with our friends from church.  It was super fun, but took up a whole Saturday of work time.  Whatever.  Small price to pay to make my great kids such happy kids.   . . . And I will post pictures as soon as I find my camera. The end.

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