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Dry Spell

So, I've decided I can either read OR write, not both.  I haven't been creative enough to come up with anything to write, HOWEVER, I have read, like, five books in the past week or so.  Some of them are unworthy of the merest mention, but a few of them were good.  My daughter was on a Shannon Hale kick recently and recommended The Princess Academy which was thoroughly entertaining.  Then I decided I wanted to read Austenland (also by Shannon Hale) since I'm a HUGE fan of Jane Austen, but it was already checked out from the library.  Bummer.  While looking for it on the shelf in the grown-up stacks of the library I found her book The Actor and the Housewife.  Loved that one bunches.  It was about a Mormon housewife in Utah who, by chance meets her favorite actor and they become friends.  It follows their somewhat odd relationship throughout years.  It made me laugh, it made me cry.  Good Stuff.  Then I picked up my sister's copy of My Sister's Keeper  (by Jodi Picoult) that I borrowed forever ago.  Just downright sad.  Sad in a thousand different ways.  Needing to enjoy some lighter fare, I dove into the copy of The Undomestic Goddess (by Sophie Kinsella) that I picked up at Goodwill for a quarter last summer.  It was just . . . eh.  I don't particularly enjoy books heavy on four letter words that aren't a normal part of my vocabulary.  A cute story, though.  Last night at the library I picked up Summer Sisters by Judy Bloom.  Who knew that she wrote books for adults?!  (At least I'm hoping it was written for an adult audience because it had some pretty "adult" content.)  I had to give it a go since I read just about everything else she wrote in my younger years.  I finished that one this afternoon and immediately started in on Book of a Thousand Days, another Shannon Hale recommended by Sis. I like it, but will be done with it in the morning.  What now?!  What can I read now?  What's good?  I'm trying to resist the urge to go out and buy Mockingjay, the newest in the Hunger Games series.  I'm on the library waitlist . . . how long could it be?  Right?  Recommendations for the meantime . . . please . . .


  1. Ahhh...
    Now my day is complete! I check your blog every morning - first thing. The little connection with one of my BFFs helps me get through the day :)
    I just finished a good book. I will have to get it to you - don't remember the name (I to shop at thrift stores for books - I read too many to invest in first-hand)..
    Love that you're back :)

  2. We'll lend you Mockingjay when we're finished with it. :) I tried to get on the wait list at the library over a month ago, and I was 91st in line. Blech!

  3. I love all of Shannon's books. Read Goose Girl first, then there are 3 others that follow. And Austenland is my fave of hers.

    Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

    Wednesday Wars

    These are the 2 I remember from the past 2 yrs of book club. Haven't read much lately.

    I have Mockingjay but haven't allowed myself to start reading it until I have a couple of slower days so I can just finish it.

    I miss your writing but glad you're enjoying reading!!

    Cynthia :o)

  4. I just read "Wednesday Wars" and really enjoyed that. Recently, I've read "Life is Very Good"--a memoir by George Dawson. I enjoyed "Three Cups of Tea," but definitely not lighter fare, and it does take a bit to get into. I love anything by LM Montgomery (read them all the time growing up). I love getting recommendations, too, because you never know what your going to get when you pick up a book off the shelf. Enjoy!

  5. I'm waiting for Kennedy to hurry and finish Mockingjay so I can have my turn to read it. LOVE that series. I'm reading The Help by Katerine Stockett. So far, so good...I'm really enjoying it. Have you read These is My Words by Nancy Turner (+2 more in the series)? FANTASTIC books. You've got to read those....well worth your time.

  6. I really liked Mockingjay. I felt like it was hard for me to remember
    Catching Fire. I want to go back and reread the whole series. Today I just read Sarah's Key. It was REALLY good too. Pretty heavy though. Read it.

  7. i want mockingjay!!!!!!!!!:-(


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