My 3 Monsters: "Because Johnny Depp is Tired of Waiting in Lines" - OR- WHAT THE?!?!

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"Because Johnny Depp is Tired of Waiting in Lines" - OR- WHAT THE?!?!

Did you love the movie Inception?  Me, too.  I'm fascinated by dreams.  The hows and the whys of what comes out when we turn off consciousness.  It's downright bizarre sometimes.  Occasionally I can pick out elements and trace them back to their conscious origin. Other times not one thing makes any sense.  Take, for instance, last night.  My dream started out with the BAU {from Criminal Minds . . .} saving Brent and I from a bunch of homeless killers in our house.  Which makes sense since we go to sleep watching Hotch and the gang in re-runs most nights.  But THEN I was riding in a van with my in-laws in a town I don't recognize. A town full of roller coasters.  We rode a roller coaster, went down the exit line and ended up in a Sears store.  Where my best friend {who was not a person I recognize from real life} was selling appliances.  But she did not work there.  No, she was selling said products out of the goodness of her heart.  I repeatedly reminded her that she didn't work there and that we needed to go.  I even told several shoppers to leave her alone, but she was quite popular.  Whatever.  I left without her and met up with my family again.  Brent gave me a wristband to put on and when I questioned him about its purpose he replied, "Because Johnny Depp is tired of waiting in lines."  Yeah, Johnny Depp had joined our merry group and was, apparently, tired of waiting in lines with us regular folk. So he got us all wristbands that would, ummmmm, solve that problem.  I guess.  It's just weird. Plain weird.

But entertaining.

I can hardly wait to go back to sleep tonight.


  1. Loved watching Inception....very cool flick! Love weird dreams too, although it sounds like yours are a lot more involved and complex than mine.

  2. LOVE the bizarre dream. I'm always having those. lol


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