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FINALLY Feelin' It

{sigh}  I'm back, people!!  Didn't know I was missing?  Hmmmph.  I was missing something, but now it FINALLY feels like Christmas to me.  I don't know what the deal has been this year.  Maybe the weather was too warm (in these parts at least) or maybe I've been in a funk.  Who knows.  It doesn't matter because yesterday was glorious!  It was cold{ish} and rainy.  I finally got some presents wrapped and put under the tree. The things I ordered online Tuesday started arriving.  Today is the last day of school and my kids are downright giddy.  Last Sunday night Sis and I went to the Messiah sing-along. Wednesday night we had a super fun progressive dinner for my Young Women (who, incidentally, loved their pendants).  I'm going to spend today baking roughly 20 dozen sugar cookies for the Christmas party at church and wrapping up (literally and figuratively) some of the gifts on which I've been working.  I'm exhausted.  It's been a long week.  {deeper sigh} Now that's what Christmas is supposed to feel like!  Boo yah!


  1. You are, as always, amazing, Amy! How do you do it all. Your blog is so awesome... well it always was... love seeing what you are up to.

  2. I love your posts Amy!!! :) Your blog is so fun to follow! :)


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