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I Whole-Heartedly Agree

Sorry this is so small -- but I'm not gonna' retype the whole thing.  Go get your glasses.  {I kid, folks. But seriously, you may need them.}  I "Stumbled Upon" this the other day and found myself nodding in agreement and high fiving myself over many of these truths.  Especially No.3,7,9 (for sure!),13,17,24, & 31. 

However, No.1 isn't so relevant to me because I don't care if people find out that I've been looking at craft blogs all this time.  No.2 isn't so relevant either since I've never been wrong, but I can see how that would really stink.  And No.5 -- I learned from "the Martha" years ago how to fold those suckers and I can teach you, too.  {And it's my secret fantasy to tie each of my sets of sheets up with pretty ribbon and have a beautiful linen closet.  But Brent would make fun.}  Finally,  No. 28 -- I work with some pretty great high school kids at church, but I think in general that may be true.

What do you think, folks?  Which one do you want to get an AMEN on?


  1. I honestly could not choose even one or two out of the bunch. I was belly laughing to all of these and think each and every one of them is DEAD ON! Hahahaha great post... :)

    Ok ok maybe the one about pants... and the one about cyclists .....

  2. I was "amening" so much I can barely count!

    the very thought of typing pretty ribbons on my matched sheet sets just made me laugh though. I usually fold the sets - tuck them into their matching pillow case - and toss them in the linen closet. Not nearly as pretty, but SO easy to pull out a complete set :)

  3. #3, #9, #20, #21. And pretty much the rest of them, too.

  4. I thought they were all cute! 2 - 4 11 - 16 for sure!!

  5. My most favorite (probably because I JUST did that) would be #32. The snooze button - I bet I get that sucker in less than 1.7 seconds!
    I also love #26. I am NOT a road-rage kind of gal. I think people sometimes make mistakes when driving or maybe they're having a bad day - no biggie - but when some s-o-b drives all the way up in the wrong lane so that he can cut in just before the off ramp (and the rest of us have been sitting in traffic for 30 minutes) I want to frickin' lose my mind. I will admit to openly cheering when my "brothers and sisters" in waiting block him out! WOOO HOOO! Small victory for those of us stuck in traffic. (Ridiculous, I know).

  6. Kinda gross but AMEN to 27. Pants are always clean.

  7. Oh my goodness, so many are SO true! I'm always kind of tired! I refuse to make two trips to bring my groceries in! I'm not even buying Blue Ray!
    LOVE it!

  8. I would adore a sarcasm font...
    Big amen to 11, 17, and 22. I definitely only look forward to red lights for texting purposes... And I figured out how to fold a fitted sheet years ago... Although Josh still believes that the only way to handle them is to wad them up, shove them in the linen closet, and walk away.....

  9. I laughed so hard that I had to go back and read them all again! Im with Kelly..I would love to have a sarcasm font. I do #31 and #32 every. single. day. HAHA This will have me laughing for a long time. Thanks for posting...its a definite FWD.

  10. I put an AMEN to no. 16 - I SWEAR I meet somebody I know every time I walk out and don't look good, because I did not take the time to put on make up or because I am sick or wearing some clothes I don't like or look good in or something like that.

    The worst thing is when you meet people from your past, like those you knew from school, and they must think "What has become of that woman!" because they take it for granted that you ALWAYS look like in that second when they meet you. And of course, they ALWAYS look perfect. GRRR



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