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You Know I'm Not Here to Judge

I laugh because I care.  When people let their kids do crazy things on TV, you know you do it, too.  Why else has American Idol seen the success it has for so long?  And, pray tell, why else would a show like Toddlers and Tiaras ever have seen the light of day?  Yeah, I'm just white trash enough to watch and just classy enough to know it's wrong.  And you actually have to sit through a whole lotta' boring junk to get to the gems like these:

But, oh, when you find them . . . what fun. That second little girly went on to say, "My ni-ni's a hard workin' lady" in her little drawl. Classic.  Don't judge me for being easily entertained. {Please.  Because that first girl's a livin' doll, y'all}


  1. Its ok. We all have shows that we're more than a little embarrassed about watching. For instance I'm completely hooked on Gold Rush: Alaska. Mostly because the old miners constantly use phrases like "nugget trap", "miners moss", and "glory hole". Best 60 minutes on television!

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