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A Little Something I Learned

I was watching a tv show with one of my most favorite interior designers, Sarah Richardson, the other day when I had a genuine a-ha moment.  {Well, I wasn't actually watching it with her.  She was starring in the show I was watching. I should really work on my grammar.}  She and her assistant were talking about three desirable qualities in design projects: cheap, fast, and good.  Alas, usually only two of those qualities can exist at the same time.  See:

Cheap + Fast = Not Good
     'Nuff said.  Really great stuff is hard to find inexpensively unless you have a lot of time to look around and wait for just the right thing to find its way into your life.

Fast + Good = Not Cheap
     It's easy to find really beautiful, high quality products if money is no issue.  Just look at Anthropologie or Restoration Hardware as proof.  Plus, with money you can hire contractors who {usually} do the job right and much more quickly than us "weekend warriors".

Good + Cheap = Not Fast
     Here's where it sunk in for me.  I want good stuff -- beautiful, high quality stuff.  And I, of course, never have much in the budget for decorating.  I don't think I'm an extravagant spender anyway. Which is exactly why my home is an 8+ year work in progress.  I feel so much better about that now.  It's not because I'm lazy or because I can't have the look I really want.  I've just chosen good and cheap and that takes a while to do.  *sigh of relief*  There's hope for my little home yet!

In other news, I painted the handrails of my stairs today.  No big deal.  No one will probably ever notice it.  It has been ugly dark brown stained wood for . . . probably ever.  I'm sure it was probably super stylin' back in the 80's when this house was built.  But every single other piece of trim in the house is white.  And that has ALWAYS bugged me.  Now it is perfectly lovely and unnoticeable.  Yay me!


  1. You are so right (and well, Sarah is right too....)

  2. Thank you for the reminder. My house was a 70s nightmare when we bought it four years ago and we're slowly re-doing every single room ourselves. I get upset sometimes thinking that it's not done yet. I just have to remind myself that good + cheap = not fast! :-)

  3. What a relief! Our entire house and yard are on the "Good + Cheap" track. We've been here for 11 years this month --- still not done! *Sigh*
    Good news: The stained up mauve carpet is outta here! (Thank you tax return!) That horrible crap is my brown railing on 'roids.
    Come to think of it - if we all got tax returns on a monthly basis, our good + cheap would get here much faster. Maybe I should write my congressman...

  4. oh, now I can be okay with my slow progress toward good... because it's gotta be cheap :)

    I like this :)

  5. Every one can read my blog now so check it out!!! its Miss sydneys lessons for living right

  6. I feel much better about my ever slow process of my craft room redo. Who knew it would take so flipping long! Also, who knew I would change my mind so often! Sheesh! Please post pics of your banister. I have been wanting to do this FOREVER and I am kind of being a wuss about it.Also, what kind of paint did you use? Did you sand it first, did you poly it when you were done? Sorry for all the questions-but you did this post just for me-so you know. :)


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