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When I Grow Up. . .

I want to be a baker.  I'm serious.  Sydney and I have entered the gourmet cupcake business this weekend to earn money for her to attend a Young Women's Conference this summer.  She's the brains behind this operation -- she came up with ideas, created a flier, and did all the leg work getting orders.  I clicked through my inspiration file on the computer and came up with the recipes.  And in just one weekend she earned over $200 of the $425 she needs!!  Look at the cute cupcakes to see why:
OK, that picture is from my cell phone in the car as we were making deliveries, but they really were cuter in real life.  We offered 6 flavors:  Rootbeer Float, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Banana Split, Smores. Orange Cream, and Chocolate Almond Mousse.  I tasted them all in the name of quality control, and I can tell you that each is as delicious as it is adorable.  Those orange cream ones . . . To. Die. For.  They taste just like Creamsicles.    I'm really proud of my baby girl for taking the initiative to earn what she wants, especially in a day and age where children her age expect so much to be handed to them.  {And I am thrilled to get to bake cupcakes again, which is kind-of my favorite hobby.}  Maybe she and I will have to go into business together long-term. . . .

So, if you live in the Phoenix area and you want some cupcakes in the next few weeks {we have two more dates scheduled, but I am not opposed to doing special orders!} shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you the details.  Have a great week!  {I really do plan to blog more this week. :-) }


  1. Oooo! Those Orange Cream cupcakes ARE TO DIE FOR! Seriously. I have NEVER in my life tasted something so yummy-licous.

    I am thrilled at her money-making efforts - however, my waistline may not agree. Whatever, I've ignored my waistline before and I'll do it again - in the name of carity of course.

  2. HOLY COW! I am totally salivating! Those look amazing! Way to go Syd. for taking the initiative!

  3. Okay--I'm not even remotely near you in Arizona. I'm far away in Missouri, but I heard so much about how yummy those dang cupcakes were, and how cute they were!
    I'm Tammy's sister (far, far away)--the Schick's loved them and so did my parents. Wish I were there to taste me some cupcakes (I'd forget about my dieting for a brief moment).
    I love checking out your blog. I'm glad Tammy got me hooked. You're one super creative momma!


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