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Clown Night

Dylan came to me earlier today with an idea for Family Night that I just couldn't pass up.  He suggested we have a "Clown Night" which actually was more of a stand-up comedy night.  He played the host, complete with electronic drums {for post-punchline rim-shots} and called on each of us to "take the stage".  Everyone had their own particular brand of comedy to perform.  Some jokes were new, some were old stand-bys. {A man walks into a bar.  A few minutes later a lady walks into the bar.  The man says, "You didn't see it either?"  *Ba dum bum*}  Some were universal in their appeal, some were more family-specific. {Why shouldn't you throw a rock at Dylan when he's riding a bike?  Because it's probably your bike.  Har har!}  Some kids wanted more than one turn.  The jokes continued long after Family Night had officially ended.  It was just a good old fun time.  I love to laugh.

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  1. My turn! What's brown and sticky?

    A stick!


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