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I Must Be Raising Him Right

We are thrift store shoppers.  I'm not really ashamed of that because I think I'm a particularly good thrift store shopper.  For instance, this past Saturday we packed up the fam and went out to Goodwill for half price day.  Because I like to get discounts on my bargains.  Lo and behold we found a ton {literally -- I know because there were no carts} of Banana Republic and Ann Taylor clothes WITH THE ORIGINAL STORE TAGS STILL ON THEM!!!  None of them fit me, but I had a great time dressing Sydney's little size 6 body up like a paper doll.  Here are a few of the things we got for her:
{in red}

{in a different print--of course with a little sweater over top}

{My favorite--with cute yellow ballet flats and beads}
Love, love, LOVE a good deal!!  Then on Saturday I was contacted by a boutique owner in New York City who wants to sell my onesies in her store.  How cool is that?!  My kids were quite impressed.  In fact, Riley said, "Mom, maybe you'll get so famous that one day we'll be able to see your onesies at Goodwill!"  Ah . . .  that, my friends, is a boy who has things in the proper perspective.  There is no higher honor than to have your handiwork make it to the thrift store.  Love that kid!

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