My 3 Monsters: Sleeping Like a Baby
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Sleeping Like a Baby

Why is this an expression?!  Sleeping like a baby does not connote a deep, peaceful slumber.  My babies always slept fitfully and in short spurts.  They often got their days and nights confused.   I never felt well rested after sleeping with a baby.  But that is exactly how I have been sleeping lately -- like a baby.  Except maybe not even that well.  I lay in bed for hours, listening to my husband snore, wide awake.  But it's not the snoring that keeps me up.  It's my own mind that won't shut up.  It races through a replay of the day's events, shining a bright spotlight on the things I didn't do or could have done better.  It churns out a million brilliant ideas -- things to make, things to do, things to write about, things to fix.  Often I'll get up and get out my notebook, thinking that if I write these things down for safe keeping my mind can finally let go of them and let me rest.  Sometimes that works.  Other times I'm still awake to see the sunrise.  Twice in the past six days, to be exact.  I read that notebook in the light of day and can't muster up the energy to begin, let alone complete, any of those strokes of genius that come to me in the night.  Why am I so creative and clever when I should be sleeping and so brain dead all day long?  The nice thing about it is the quiet time.  The solitude of 4 a.m.  No one else is up.  No one wants anything from me.  I don't have the dog barking and iCarly blaring from the t.v. and the incessant "white noise" of the daily life of a family of five.  Just the blessed, peaceful silence punctuated by soft snores from all three bedrooms.  So, I guess it could be worse.  I only wish I had some souvenir of my brilliance left-over in the morning to share with my family, because the sight they are waking up to isn't super pretty these days.    Meh.  They'll get over it.  And eventually, hopefully, I'll get over this bout of insomnia and move on with life, too. 


  1. Did you really look that young when we first met you guys?

  2. Crazy, huh? It's been a looooong time!

  3. That was me the other night! Woke up at 1am wide awake because yes my mind wouldn't stop working and was awake until my alarm went off at 7:30am...BLAH! Good luck with sleeping!


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