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Taking a Mulligan

Sometimes in life, as in golf, you need a do-over.  Often it's an impossibility, but when the opportunity exists there is no shame trying something again.  Differently.  And by reading through all the instructions first to know how it is supposed to be done.  I admitted to y'all that I flubbed it with these pumpkins before Halloween:
They were just not so cute, in my humble {yet absolutely correct} opinion.  Shortly after I took this picture I removed the black polka dot tights from the pumpkins and they spent the season plain.  It was kind of nice looking with the white ceramic jars in my creepy apothecary on the coffee table.  The nice thing about pumpkins is you can keep them  out all the way until you put up Christmas d├Ęcor.  I love a two-for-one! Then I saw these adorable Vera Bradley print pumpkins from Crafting Rebellion on Under the Table and Dreaming and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  All you have to do is mod-podge pretty patterned paper napkins on to your pumpkins and embellish.  They're so simple and pretty.

Mine turned out kinda' girly because I embellished them with satin ribbons, rosettes, and vintage buttons.  That's OK.  Even though we're in the minority here, girls do exist in this wild household.  I chose not to use traditional "fall" or Halloween colors.  That's OK, too.  Partly because I don't really like those colors and they don't go in my house and partly because it's my project, dang it, and I can do what I want.  The LED candles in the mason jars are a left over project from Youth Conference, but I thought they were cute.  {The fakey yellow flames don't look so fakey in real life.} I also created this printable last night that I plan to frame and add to the vignette the give it a little more of a Thanksgiving feel:
I was playing with highlights and shadows last night in Gimp and I liked how it came out looking like embossed painted tin or something.  As always, feel free to download it if you want it by clicking the image to make it full size then right clicking and saving it to your computer.  Now I need to track down the fifth pumpkin that belongs in this set.  Funny how inanimate objects "walk off" like that when you have boy children . . .
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  1. An interesting realization of an interesting effect. I love it. Greetings from me and the Czech Republic.


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