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My Holiday Dilemma

We're entering a tricky time of year for me and this little blog o' mine.  I don't like being sneaky or having secrets.  My life is pretty much an open book and this blog is my BFF I can tell everything to.  I like it that way.  Christmas kills me.  I think I would prefer to know what is inside all those sparkly little packages.  Not just  the ones with my name on them -- ALL of them.  I think that, but one year I did know just about everything and it made me sad.  I knew I had no surprises under the tree, but I found myself hoping beyond hope in my heart of hearts that my husband had snuck something really cool in there for me.  He hadn't.  And why would he?!  I told him in no uncertain terms that I wanted to know everything.  But knowing everything at Christmas kind of stinks.  Remember back when you were a kid, before you "knew everything" {you know what I'm talkin' about}.  Wasn't Christmas just a little bit more magical back then?  That may have been, in part, because you weren't the one footing the bill, which does tend to take a little bit of the shine off of things.  Just sayin'. 

Aaaaanyway, surprises are what Christmas is all about.  Here's my dilemma this year, and every year since I started my blog, really --  I spent all last week making some really cool stuff for my family for Christmas {so I could hand deliver them in Vegas and save on shipping -- ever being economical}  but I can't really share those projects here as I am wont to do because it would ruin the surprise.  Aaaak!  I've decided to do a completely hand-made Christmas this year.  I think about it every year, but usually give in to peer pressure {or laziness} and just buy people the gift cards they ask for.  Not this year!  My husband losing his job last week may or may not have swayed that decision a bit, but that is neither here nor there.  I'm making everything.  Santa has my permission to purchase gifts as he sees fit, but as for me it's homemade all the way.  Now wouldn't that make for some fun blog posts?  Easy, inexpensive gift ideas.  It's what I'm looking all over the craft blog world for right now.  I'd love to share some of the goodies I'm making.  Would it be too rude to ask my family to NOT read my blog for the next few weeks?  Or read at your own risk at the very least?  I'm fairly certain that, even though I've set my blog as our browser's home page, no one in this house pays it any attention.  I could get away with posting some of my secrets here, surely.  I'll ponder it while we set up our tree this afternoon.  Enjoy the holiday season everyone!!


  1. Post those projects girlie :D I would love to see them!


  2. Sorry to hear about Brent's job!!! :( Jon is out of work as well! It does suck fronting the bills for sure! I hope he finds something but its a positive reinforcement to me to see you in good spirits. I feel more like a scrooge. Possibly because I do not have a crafty bone in my body and can't even sew on a button! HAHA! I can't wait to see all the crafts you've done!!! Keep me posted on how things are going!!!

  3. Though I have often wished to be related to you in hopes that the amazing creativity was hereditary, right now I am glad I am not so I can read the awesome posts coming up in the next few weeks:-)


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