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A Gift for the Golf Afficionado

If you are a member of my family you'll probably quickly guess who I may have had in mind when creating this project.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't stop by here often unless his wife makes a point of telling him to, which I hope she will not today, thank you very much.  Do you have someone on your list who is difficult to shop for because they just buy everything they want and need?  So you really have to try hard to think of something they might not have known that they wanted?  The process is pretty hit and miss, but we're always trying to think of that gift that will make this person say, "Hello, lovely.  Where have you been all my life?"  {This person doesn't really talk like that, because that would be ridiculous, but that's the feeling we're going for.}

Back in the spring I remember seeing a series of framed vintage-style prints of famous golfers at Target.  Each had a great quote from the featured golfer.  They were really cool.  They were also overpriced.  And no longer available.  But it seemed like a fun idea to try and recreate for someone who may or may not have a collection of golf memorabilia. 

Here is what I came up with:
That really is a picture of Arnold Palmer.  Cool, huh? Costco will print the 8x10 for about $1.50 {I'm sure most places are about the same} or you could spring for a cool canvas print -- Canvas People is my favorite and they often run a free 8x10 special so you only have to pay shipping.  Just pop the print into a cool frame and you're all set.  I was inclined to embellish the frame a bit, but restrained myself since I think the recipient would  prefer the simplicity of a clean black frame.  For a total cost of less than $10 you can't really go wrong.  And it's the thought that counts, not the price, right?  Remember that, dear family.  The dollar value of your gifts does not represent your value in our lives and in our hearts. 

Thanks for checking in today.  Happy Holiday crafting!


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  1. My dad is a HUGE golfer and just retired! I would LOVE to put this in a frame for him to hang in his office! How cool! I wish I was as creative as you!!!


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