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Sicky Sick {A Delicious Home Remedy}

It was bound to happen, really.  It's winter and I've been burning the candle at both ends for months.  Last Wednesday night I started feeling a cold coming on.  I thought maybe I could just plow through and will it away.  No such luck.  Here I sit a week later, ears aching, head pounding ... officially sick.  I'm not whining to garner your sympathy.  {Well, not entirely.}  I'm just wishing I had used a home remedy I had seen on Pinterest a while back.

You just eat 1tsp. honey {preferably raw, which is available at most healthy-type stores like Whole Foods} mixed with 1/4 tsp. cinnamon twice a day for three days, beginning at the earliest sign of a cold.  The honey and cinnamon are both said to have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties.  I used this remedy back in November with great results.  I mixed the honey and cinnamon and spread it on toast, which is delicious, but you can just eat it straight, too. I've read that you shouldn't mix it into hot drinks because the heat kills the positive effects, but I'm no expert here. And I don't drink tea, so ... you know ...   {I highly recommend the toast version!!}

I wish it had not escaped my feeble memory this time around.    I always figure it can't hurt to try a home remedy for a day or so before rushing to the doctor's office if the symptoms are mild.  And cinnamon honey toast is delicious.  I may start eating it just because it's tasty and never get sick again.  Hope that helps somebody!

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  1. My boys are home sick today, so we are giving this a try. Even if it doesn't work well for us, it tastes lovely. Thanks!


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