My 3 Monsters: A Gift for the Kids' Friends

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A Gift for the Kids' Friends

We're not breaking any new crafting ground here {we rarely do}, but my kids wanted something to take to their friends at school today.  I've seen these reindeer rootbeer bottles a lot and I think they're just really, really cute.  And kids love IBC rootbeer, so, you know, win/win.  Lots of people must have had a similar idea because Walmart was out of brown pipe cleaners yesterday.  Our reindeer are a little bit glitzy.  I would have just done the antlers, googly eyes and noses and tied a ribbon bow around the neck of the bottle, but the kiddos got a little jiggy wit' it.  They were crafting up all kinds of accessories for their reindeer.  I also made these cute little tags for them to attach:
To a DEER Friend
And D gave his reindeer pipe cleaner arms to hold the tags.  See?  Jiggy.  Easy, cheesy.  You can't beat friend gifts for 50 cents each!  {I'm so excited about this being the last day of school.  Hello, sleeping in!}

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