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Yeah, We're Movin' On Uuup -- To the Top!

The Jeffersons, anyone?  Anyone?  I'm so excited about something today I'm about to burst!  Take a look around.  Do you notice anything new?  Probably not, but doesn't the place just feel a little more . . . legit today?  Isn't there just a more sophisticated ambiance on this site today?  OK, I'm a total geek.  You'll never notice the difference.  My 3 Monsters is no longer a dot blogspot dot com site -- it's a full-on dot com.  It's its own thing.  I bought the domain a while back and have been pondering what I wanted to do with it.  Here's the thing:  it's like before you have kids and you fall in love with a name so then you have to "call" that name so no one else in the family can use it before you get a chance to.  This little blog is my sweet little baby whom I dote upon daily.  Years ago when I registered with blogger I just used my own name, which seemed logical at the time.  {I didn't know much about the internet back then, really.}  I only dared hope that my family would stop in once in a while to read what I was rambling on about, so using my name seemed like the easiest way to get people to come here.  I could scarcely have imagined that this little baby of a blog would make so many friends -- friends who knew its name, but not mine.  I never predicted it would one day have its own legs to stand on and would need its own identity. For a while now it has bugged me that the name of my blog and the web address didn't match.  It's a dumb thing to waste time worrying about, but sometimes I obsess like that.  I went over to Go Daddy a couple of months ago just to have a peek and see if My3Monsters happened to still be available as a domain.  Lo and behold it was, and it was a mere $15 to secure it for my very own for two whole years.  And so I did.  I couldn't help it.  I just did it.  And then I didn't tell anyone but my husband because it seemed a little silly, a girl like me owning a web domain.  I looked into what it would take to move this baby over to Wordpress and it just seemed like a super troublesome and expensive undertaking.  Besides that, I really like Blogger.  Maybe that's not cool to say, but I do.  So I decided to stay put.  I was perfectly happy to pay my $15 just to "call" my favorite name in case I needed it one day.  But then last night as I was searching for something entirely else on Google I happened upon an article about switching to a unique domain with Blogger and it was SO EASY!  So, that's my long way of saying that absolutely nothing is going to change for you.  If you are bookmarked or linked in anyway to to my blogspot address, you will automatically be redirected here.  Nothing changes for me because I get to keep using Blogger and we can all get on with life.  Except I'm gonna' spend a few more minutes geeking out about being a dot com.  You may pat me on the head and walk away now.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I also notice some ad space up there (big time baby) and the cute new Suburban Graffiti logo - love that too!
    Awesome! Congratulations on "Movin' ooonnn uuuppp!" (Movin' on up) :)

  2. Woohoo! So excited for you! :] Having your very own domain name totally is a step up in the world!


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