My 3 Monsters: Neighbor Gifts & My Giftwrap "Tradition"

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Neighbor Gifts & My Giftwrap "Tradition"

For years now we have made the same old white chocolate candy cane popcorn to our friends and neighbors.  Don't get me wrong, it is delightful {and I may just have to whip up a batch or two now that I'm thinking about it}, but I wanted to try something new this year.  I've been craving something sweet and spicy lately.  And cream cheesy.  JalapeƱos and cream cheese.  That's what I want all the time.  We had jalapeƱo popper grilled cheese sandwiches the other night {dipped in strawberry jam - mmmmm - don't knock it til you try it} and that only fueled the fire.  So I decided to make hot pepper jelly. You know the stuff that you pour over cream cheese and eat with crackers?  Oh. My. Yummy!  I found this recipe via Pinterest and it was sooooo easy.  Just be sure and read the comments on the recipe if you decide to make it -- I guess it doesn't set up real well if you're not careful. I used one pack of pectin and boiled for 2 minutes and mine turned out perfectly.  Not that I'm bragging -- Whatever.  So this is what we'll be taking around this evening to all our friends.  I hope they're ready to go on this culinary adventure with us.

Now for an awkward transition:  Brent and I were at a "Fugly Christmas Sweater Party" the other night -- and before I go on with the story I have to show you this:
The line for a piece of that man candy forms behind me, ladies!  So, we were at the party and a friend asked me if I was still carrying on my gift-wrapping tradition.  I asked if she was referring to my obsessive compulsive need for all my Christmas presents to match.  Because that is still very much happening around here.  Another friend, who didn't yet know how crazy I can be, requested that I post pictures of this year's wrapping motif here on the blog.  Asae, this is for you:
It's not really anything special, but it looks kinda' pretty, I think.  I used my 1/4  inch metal stamps to stamp the cardstock tags to make them a little bit unique.  We are trying a new thing with our kids' gifts this year -- they are each getting 4 small gifts from me and Brent:  something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.  That's why the tags are labeled the way they are, lest you think I've lost my everloving mind.  The kids are super excited about it and it was nice to have a focus as we shopped this year.  I love to have guidelines.  Anyway . . . We're getting really excited about Christmas over here.  I hope you are too!


  1. Aha! AHA! Aha . . . ahhhhhh. I am wiping the tears away (laughing tears, not crying ones. . . though it was close) on that picture of your hubbalub. Funny stuff.

  2. I LOVE the wrapping! I did craft paper this year too. I like all the gifts I send out to be coordinated - like all of one family's box is one way, and then another family's box of gifts is another way. That way I get to have fun, but everything that arrives together is coordinated. This year I'm keeping it simple at home with craft paper, white ribbon, and white snowflakes.

  3. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I love that you used the word "fugly" Christmas Sweater. Laughed my head off!

  4. I LOVE that idea!! I don't have kids yet - but when I do, I hope to remimber this!!

    Oh, and the fugly Christmas sweater - hilarious!! I entered an ugly sweater contest this year (award is $100 at a local thrift store) but have always wanted to go to an ugly Christmas sweater party!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built


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