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Trees for the Kiddos

I've always had this fantasy about decorating my entire home for Christmas.  I know lots of people do that.  I've read their blogs and I feel a teensy little bit envious of them and their stinkin' perfect homes. {Have you seen Dear Lillie lately?!} I'm feeling lucky just to have a tree up in the living room this year, but I'm really trying to get the rest done.  Being the bargain-loving girl that I am, I have picked up small trees on Clearance after Christmas for my kids' rooms.  I've had big plans, but for the past couple of years my kids have just taken the cast-off ornaments from our big tree and done the best they could decorating their little trees on their own.  And that was kind-of the point in the beginning -- that they would have little trees to decorate themselves so they wouldn't try to "help" mommy with the big one.  But now they I want their trees to have a little more style.  I finally got to work while Brent and I watched movies this weekend and crafted up some cuteness for the kids' trees.  I pinned these great cereal box stars on Pinterest months ago and decided to make some out of printed cardstock.  They couldn't really be any easier and the price is right if you have a stash of scrapbook paper.  So here they are:

For the boys I made the stars and then folded a bunch of paper airplanes out of coordinating printed cardstock.  I also had some silver and white ball ornaments that I hung up with teal polka-dot ribbon.  I love the whimsical vintage-y vibe that it has with the old map paper and polka-dots.  It's not super Christmas-y, but it feels festive and fun and my boys LOVE it.

For Sis I wanted to make something really, really girly.  She has a sparkly pink tree {I know!  Who buys those, right?!  I had a vision.}  and her bedroom is pink so I just really went for it and smothered the thing in pink and silver ornaments.

I made some more of my favorite stars out of pink and white print papers and hung some silver/white and shiny pink ball ornaments with cute girly ribbon.  But the pi├Ęce de resistance are these cuppy-cake ornaments inspired by some that I saw on Pinterest a while ago.

Aren't they great?!  So that's what I've been up to.  That and making a kajillion Years in Review for my fun blog friends.  I had no idea people would respond to that so favorably.  It has been really fun "getting to know" some of you as I've made your cards.  You have no idea what a blessing those little jobs have been for my family since my husband is out of work right now.  It's not too late to get one done if you're still considering it.  Just leave me a comment with your e-mail and I'll get right back to you.  Tomorrow I'll be back with a super easy, inexpensive gift you can give to girlfriends, neighbors and/ or coworkers.  

Happy Holidays!


  1. Hey, Amy. I was totally going to do a Christmas card. Life happened, and then some. Would you please, please, pretty please make me a year in review? What info do I need to send you? Let me know. [email protected]. Your trees are beeeeeauuutiful!

  2. These are great! thanks for sharing. I just happened across your blog on pinterest. I will be following from now on :)

  3. Hi, I wanted to say that I LOVE the way your children's christmas trees turned out. I totally intended to make a little tree for my daughter in one of her rooms, so that there is a little christmas decoration upstairs as well (we only have some in the living/dining room downstairs) but then I didn't make the time ... yet. But this makes me want to do it and I'll probably do it today or tomorrow. I like the stars and the paper planes! It is so simple, humble and yet still adds so much to their rooms.
    THANKS! And I have linked you on my blog for a while.
    Jule (from Germany)

  4. I love your decorations and color schemes! I have also been looking all over the web for instructions on making those stars. Would you happen to have a link or be able to show/tell me? Thanks so much.


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