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Flannel Pillow Covers for Christmas

One of my most favorite Christmas traditions is getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  As a kid we were so excited to get to open one present a little early after waiting for weeks to rip into the packages.  It didn't even matter that we already knew what it was going to be.  I loved having a brand new pair of pajamas to snuggle up in while we watched Christmas specials on TV and drank egg nog.  My kids have loved this tradition over the years, too.

In my mind flannel pajamas are always associated with Christmas, so when I was looking for fabric to make new Christmas-y pillow covers for my living room, flannel was a no-brainer.  We have always had red couches in our living room, which is especially cool during the holidays.  This year I made gray slipcovers for my couches and I have been missing all the red.  Red and black buffalo check flannel was a perfect fit.

 The fabric itself is pretty masculine so I wanted to add a girly touch with a ruffle right down the front. I followed the same basic process that I used for this ruffled pillow cover in Sis's room.  The only difference is that I used black and white buffalo check ribbon for the small ruffle and pleated, rather than gathered, the strips.

 I finished one end with a zipper so it is easily removed at the end of the season.

The white pillow covers were made from some vintage pillow cases I got from my Aunt Fayrine at Thanksgiving.  That pretty lace on the edge was crocheted by my great grandmother. 

I just cut the back end of the pillow case off to make it short enough to fit my big throw pillows and stitched some ribbon ties under the lace on the open end to keep it closed.  It adds another little feminine touch and the lace reminds me of the snowflakes on our tree.  {I get all happy inside when things tie together like that!}

Notice the dog hairs in that close up picture of the lace?  This is why:

Cassie has adopted this spot on the couch {and that plaid pillow} as her own.  Yes, she thinks she's a person and sleeps with her head on a pillow.  Lest you fear for those vintage lace pillow cases, she is probably cleaner and way more gentle with my things in the living room than my children are.  {But I usually move those special ones out of the way when she's laying down, just in case.}

I'm super proud of those slipcovers on the couches, if I can just pat myself on the back for a minute.  Can you believe they were made from dyed painter's drop cloths?  For a fraction of the price of even the cheapest fabric I found?  I'll tell you all about those later.

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I hope your Holiday Season is shaping up to be wonderful!

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