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Reality Check

Here's the deal, friends.  My kiddos are gone to the family cabin in Montana with their grandparents for the next two weeks and my husband has been in Utah all weekend, dropping the kids off at Grandma and Papa's house and visiting his brothers. I have been home all by myself for the past several days getting things together for the fun decorating project I'll be working on this week.  This is what it looks like when mom doesn't have to cook dinner {or clean off the dining table} for a few days:

{There's another pile of prettiness on my bedroom dresser, too.} I'm sewing pillow covers, fixing up that thrift store lamp and drum shade, and crafting up some accessories.  There will be some decorating posts in the near future, but for now, while I have the computer all to myself,  I'm sharing all the food posts that I have been saving up all summer. 

I hope you'll forgive me.  And not judge me for making so much junk for my family. We do eat healthy stuff, too.  Often, actually.  I swear.


  1. I love all the cute fabrics. It's always fun to see what you're up to, talented girl! I am still putting off sewing curtains for my kitchen... the fabric has been sitting in the hall for months now. Maybe when school starts up again. What's your new calling?

  2. amygregson16 July, 2013

    Thanks, Cynthia!! I actually decided not to use either of those fabrics for this project. I'll be using them both in my own home though. Sometimes just getting my sewing machine out of the closet to get started is the hardest part of the project. I'm now the Relief Society Weekday Committee Meeting Chairperson {Enrichment Leader, really}. I just bounce back and forth between Enrichment and Young Women. I'm excited for the change!

  3. It's fun to have some time to yourself to just create! Call me if you want to get out of the house - I'm up for walking away from my sorting for a little break.


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