My 3 Monsters: Hosting a Summer Ice Cream Social{With Kleenex Hand Towels}

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Hosting a Summer Ice Cream Social
{With Kleenex Hand Towels}

What is more fun than getting together with friends in the summer?  Eating ice cream with friends in the summer!!!!  Our summer break is just about over -- in fact the kiddos will be back in school a week from Monday.  {I'm still in denial.}  We thought it would be super fun to have a few friends over for an ice cream social before heading back into the classroom. 

You better believe I'll be bringing out the Kleenex Hand Towels for the occasion.  These are the decorative hand towels that I normally keep in my guest bathroom:
They're all cute and ruffly, right?  Believe it or not they don't usually look that fresh and clean.  {They DO, however, usually look that disheveled.  I don't really stage my photos.  Like, at all.} No, those ones right there are fresh out of the wash.  Here's what they look like after about a day with my three kids using them:
Grayish and not nearly so fresh.  At least I know my kids are washing their hands.  That's something.  I just don't wanna use it to dry my own hands, thank you very much.  Your hands are only as clean as the towel you use to dry them . . . Now imagine if all my kids' friends had wiped their hands on those towels, too.  Ummmm . . . sick.

Look how easy it is to solve the problem:
Plop a box of single-use Kleenex Hand Towels on the rack and everyone gets a fresh towel to dry their hands on.  Every time.  It totally blends in with the decor of my room, too.  I appreciate that very much.

So, now that my bathroom is ready for our guests, it's time to start thinking about what kinds of ice cream to have.  I've gathered up a few home-made ice cream recipes that sound absolutely delicious!

pina colada ice cream #recipe 

Salty Caramel Ice Cream 




Check back to see how our little ice cream social turns out!  In the mean time, don't forget to visit this post for your chance to win some free Kleenex Hand Towels so you can see for yourself just how great they are.  Entries close at midnight {Arizona time} on July 28th so you still have a few days left.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. LOL! I love how easy you make entertaining!
    Thanks for the ice cream pins...can't wait to see how the social goes!


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