My 3 Monsters: Two Ingredient Root Beer Float Ice Cream

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Two Ingredient Root Beer Float Ice Cream

You know how last week I told you about our Family Night tradition?  Remember -- Short and Sweet, with a Big, Big Treat?  Well, this week was a fun one.  We had the missionaries from our church and Sis's best friend over for dinner and Family Night.  I was feeling a little lazy {I've had a headache all day -- boo!} so I didn't want to cook a dessert, but we needed something super-yummy for this special evening.  That's the deal right?  Big, Big Treat.  I may have been lazy, but tonight's treat did not disappoint.  Homemade Root Beer Float Ice Cream.  You heard me.

All you have to say is "homemade ice cream" and people are instantly impressed, but really, it couldn't be easier.  Just two ingredients and about two minutes of work is all is took to delight my family and friends.  Dump a 2-Liter bottle of root beer {whatever brand you prefer}into the canister of your ice cream maker.  Then dump in a can of sweetened condensed milk.  You don't even have to stir those two ingredients together.  Freeze it in your ice cream maker according to your machine's directions. Boom.

Ours spun in the machine for about 30 minutes, but it didn't stop like the machine is supposed to so we checked it at that point and it was just about perfect.  I think because the mixture ends up to be more of a sherbet consistency it wasn't thick enough to stop the spinning.  {But don't quote me on that.}  We took it out of the ice cream maker and left it in our freezer for several hours before serving to set up a little more.

It was really yummy -- perfectly light and sweet -- and so inexpensive!  Think of all the flavors you could try!  Orange soda = Creamsicle.  Grape soda = Purple Cow.  Vanilla Coke = Coke Float.  Mmmmmmmm.  This will probably make several repeat appearances at Family Night before the weather cools off again.  In November.  Come back tomorrow for some info about our fun fundraiser.  Have a great day, friends.



  1. Ooooh this is going to be a favorite at my house...thanks!

  2. The rootbeer version sounds amazing!


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