My 3 Monsters: Hand Painted Geometric Canvas Project

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Hand Painted Geometric Canvas Project

I got bored the other evening and started poking around in my craft closet for something to make or do.  Among other things, I had some old beads, a lot of scrapbook paper, an unfinished sewing project, and a 16x20 canvas with a small hole poked in it.  Blah!  But then I remembered an idea I had seen on The Pleated Poppy blog a while back.  I carefully inspected the canvas and decided that it could possibly be repaired with some duct tape on the back, so I got to work.  As I was setting up shop on the kitchen table, my husband asked me what I was doing.  "Making a painting," I told him.  {I could probably have just said, "Painting," but that's not how I talk.}  "For what?" he asked.  "For our home . . . ," I replied, with a giant DUH in my voice.  "OK . . .," was all he said, but his tone of voice said, "I'm just going to humor you for now."

I was undeterred.  And I was right about patching the canvas -- after the base coat of paint you couldn't even tell where the hole had been.  Click here to see the inspiration project and read the great tutorial.  Here's how mine turned out:

I love the fun, bright colors and the geometric pattern.  It really "pops" against the more cottage-y decor in the room.  I kind of wish I had left a few more unpainted areas, like in the inspiration project, but other than that it's exactly what I wanted.  I hung it right outside my new blue powder room and I really like the way it picks up on that color and brings it into the living room.  Now, guess who loves it?  That's right, the hubs.  Vindication is so satisfying.  More fun projects tomorrow!

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