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Monday Freebie

Oooh!  I told you this week was going to be good, didn't I?!  Have I got a deal for you!!  
 Have you heard of One King's Lane?  I'm sure many of you already have.  IF NOT, you're gonna' love it!!   In their own words, "Simply put, One Kings Lane is an elegant, curated online sales site. We bring our members a spectacular, hand-picked selection of top-brand and designer items at up to 70% off suggested retail prices."  If you haven't already registered with the site, all you have to do is head on over there and create an account.  Just for doing that, they'll give you a $15 credit to spend on anything you want on the site!!  Did you hear that?!  $15 to spend however you want, just for signing up.

You could get a set of 6 of these pretty napkin rings {available in multiple colors} FOR FREE.

Or maybe you'd prefer some TOTALLY FREE rocket shaped popsicle molds?

This powder-coated stainless steel serving tray is cute, too.  Did I mention it would be FREE?

If you're feeling like a big spender today, this 5 Liter glass beverage dispenser would only set you back $5.

All you have to do is pay shipping on your purchase.  The Summer Entertaining sale at One King's Lane ends Thursday morning so you have to act fast to get these items.  Don't worry if you miss it, though.  They have new sales starting all the time.

I took advantage of this deal about a year ago when another blogger wrote about some super cute baking dishes that would be free at the time.  I was thrilled because I'm a cheapskate at heart and I love to get things for free.  When I saw these fun things today I just knew I had to share with all of you!  And now I'm in the mood for a barbeque. {Imagine all those cute things, some white dishes, paper lanterns in the trees out back, soda in vintage bottles chilling in a galvanized tub, ribs hot off the grill, and a bunch of good friends. . .  oh man. It's summer!!}

**I am not being compensated by One King's Lane for writing this post.  They do offer me a site credit for every purchase made from my referral, which means we both win!  I've just been really pleased with my experience with this site in the past an wanted to share it with you.**

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