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A Powder Room Makover on a Budget

Do you ever get the hankering to freshen up a room, but then you realize that your husband is out of work and you have no business spending any money on a room that is perfectly fine the way it is?  Just me?  Whatever.  We have a small powder room that I painted red as soon as we moved into our house.  It has been lovingly referred to as "the red bathroom" for the past 8 years.  It was fine -- even pretty-ish -- but 8 years is a long time to go without changing things, y'all. I should have taken some "before" pictures before I started painting, but I was a little over excited.  Here's a fun pic that show the color at least:

{That little guy is ten now.  That's how long this bathroom has been red.  A looooong time!}  I even painted the vanity that color of red, thinking it would  . . . I don't know for sure what I was thinking, actually.  I've made a few attempts to change up the space over the past year.  I made some cute hand towels and added a fun soap dispenser and cheeky sign.  {We also got rid of the wood grain toilet seat a while ago.  Yech!} I finally decided that there was just no way around it.  The room was begging to be repainted.  Luckily I had a Lowes gift card from Christmas so I could buy one can of paint and not feel guilty about it.  I got a gallon of my favorite Mermaid paint and set to work. I also used some of the leftover white paint from my kitchen cabinets to paint the vanity.

The blue covered up the red in just two coats, but it took a lot of tedious touching up to make sure none of the red paint was peeking out at the edges around the ceiling, the door frame, and the baseboards.  Just the tiniest sliver of red looked horrible and was the first thing your eye went to in the room.  GRRRRRR.  I ended up repainting the ceiling with a fresh coat of white paint just to make sure I covered every last speck of red.  I'm so excited to show you the finished product.
I can't tell you how much lighter and brighter and prettier this room is now.  It took about two days of working off-and-on to paint the walls, ceiling and vanity, but it was time well-spent.  Big bang for almost no bucks.
It looks so crisp and fresh in there and the ceiling feels about 3 feet higher now.  Funny how paint colors can do that!  {That's one of the things that made me want to be an interior designer, no lie.}  In the more lucrative future I want to buy some cool furniture leg pieces to put under the front edge of the vanity.  Adding "legs" and painting the toe-kick area black will give the illusion of a free standing piece of furniture rather than a built-in builder's grade cabinet.  Not strictly necessary, but nice looking. Just like the marble vanity top and new faucet that I will also add.  When we're rich.  Someday.
While we were freshening things up, I found these knobs for the vanity at Hobby Lobby for just a couple dollars.  Up 'til now there were no knobs in there, which was fine for functionality, but the knobs just class it up a bit.
 I gave the light fixture a little makeover, too, by removing the ugly glass bulb cover/ light shade thingies that came with the fixture and replacing them with mason jars.  If you've ever been on Pinterest you've seen six thousand variations of this idea.  It might not be super original, but it is unique looking and gives the bathroom a little "wink" that I love.
I painted a houndstooth pattern on the woven jute mat in there using black paint left over from my recent dresser makeover.  I like how it adds some more color and pattern to the room.  In a room like this with mostly hard solid-colored surfaces, it's nice to add a little pattern where you can. 
I had this metal dish thingy in my garage.  I picked it up somewhere for probably very little money and then never found a use for it.  I painted it white with my chalky paint from the kitchen and distressed it.  The bowls on it are the perfect size to hold extra rolls of toilet paper.

Here's one more look at how all the colors come together.  I love the butterfly specimen art and ruffly hand towels on the turquoise walls.
So that's where I've been this week while I was AWOL from the blog.  Well, here and planning a super cool fundraiser for our son.

If you live in the Phoenix area, we'd love to have you join us!!  I'll let you all know about that in the next few days.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Love how your bathroom turned out! I just recently painted our guest bath a bird's egg blue and love how it changes the space. Great job! :)

  2. LOVE THE MASON JARS!!!! First time I've seen them used that way. I need to do that. :)

  3. Great bathroom makeover. I love that color blue and the little bird dish. Good job! I saw your link at TT&J's party.

  4. I love the mason jar light sconce. Great upcycling. The blue you chose is very appealing too. Nice makeover.

  5. I love the mason jar light sconce and the rug! OMGoodness!

  6. luv how it all came togather! it is beautiful!


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