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Stop the Presses! Breaking News . . .

My tulips are blooming!  It's a little earlier than I had hoped, but I'm really excited.  I was walking past them the other day and just caught it out of the corner of my eye.  A little yellow bloom.  Not just one.  Like three or four!  And they just keep getting prettier.  I also painted the dresser this weekend so here's a little BEFORE:

and AFTER:

I love the black and white so much more.  And the yellow tulips in the white tureen really pop on it.  It makes me happy every time I walk by {a thousand times a day}.

Anyway, that's my big exciting news.  Planting tulips in gravel really works and it looks delightful.
Have a great day!

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  1. WOWZA! I can't belive it works! I am sooo trying this.
    LOVE the dresser in black and white - super cute!


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