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The Decorating Domino Effect

Hi there, friends!  

You know how sometimes you decide to do a simple project in your home that should take no more than an afternoon?  And then that project turns out looking so good that everything else in the room looks shabby so you decide to "quickly" fix up one more small thing?  And then maybe one more? But you're trying not to spend any money so you "shop your house" for the supplies you need which leaves you with a new pretty good space and a different shabby one?  So you keep moving stuff around until you fill in all the gaps and redistribute all your good stuff and dump a lot of the bad stuff?  And then you decide to paint a mural in your boys' room? And then, suddenly, your one afternoon has turned into an entire week away from your beloved blog friends? 

Yeah, that.  It all started a little over a week ago when we decided we would quickly put some new flooring down in our boys' bedroom.  The flooring was a very generous gift from a friend of ours and our boys were thrilled that their bedroom had finally reached the top of my "Rooms That Need Work" list.  I warned them that we were JUST DOING THE FLOOR right now, nothing else.  They were excited nonetheless.  

The floor really did only take us about an afternoon to install and it looks fabulous.  But as long as we were moving furniture anyway to lay the flooring, I decided maybe we should just un-bunk the beds like they had been asking.  And while we were at it, I threw caution to the wind and decided to see if there was a different layout we could try for funsies.  As soon as I had measured the room and drawn it to scale on graph paper in my planning notebook, I should have known we were in real trouble.  That was the step that pushed it beyond "just doing the floor" and into a real project. 

With the floor making the room look so much better, it became glaringly obvious that the closet organization was just NOT doing the trick.  In addition to their clothes and "toys", the boys had all the kids' sheets, towels and blankets in their closet which didn't really make sense.  It would be so much more practical to have one common linen closet for all the sheets and towels in the house -- and that closet was in the master bedroom.  That would mean that we would need more shelving in the master bedroom linen closet and the boys would probably, really, need a little less, so we decided to switch the shelving units between the two closets.  
Which lead to a full weekend of reorganizing the linen closet -- sorting through what we actually need to keep and what we should donate, cleaning out all the junk and learning how to fold my sheets so they look awesome are neat and orderly on the shelves. {A whole post on that to come!  It was life changing for me!}  We also went through all our boys' clothes, reorganizing, refolding, and moving them to the shelves in the closet.

Then, with the beds un-bunked and in their new positions, the artwork on the walls needed to be moved.  Which made me really look at the art for the first time in a long while and realize it's not quite . . . right.   We are all just so over it. Plus, with the reddish wood tone floor in there instead of gray, there was TOO MUCH RED.  The artwork is red, furniture is red, the curtains are red, the faux-brick wall in there is {more-or-less} red.  I had to face facts:  the boys' room needs more attention. {And after that so does the master bathroom.}

{Sorry for all the grainy cell phone photos.}  And that's where we are right now.  I'm planning to paint a weathered looking vintage black and white logo mural on the faux-brick wall to replace the logo that used to be painted on the floor.  It will brighten up the space and give it a big 'ol graphic kick in the pants.   Then I'll paint the beds and dresser navy blue with the paint leftover from Sis's room which will eliminate the red problem.  {But also make the curtains look like crap. I think I have some old white curtains in the garage that we can resurrect . . . }  I'll also sew some tailored bed skirts and new t-shirt pillow cases that have more yellow in them since I'm liking the idea of a navy/gray/yellow/white color scheme in there right now. 

We have fallen victim to what I call the Decorating Domino Effect.  One successful project almost always begets another, which begets another, so on and so forth.  Which is why my house will never be "finished".  

The end.

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