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2014 Calendar {FREE} Printable!

Printable Calendar for 2014 at
Last year I decided that I really needed to get organized.  I'm naturally forgetful, but with three kids going three different directions on top of my own responsibilities, I was really losing it.  I was embarrassed about missing appointments and double scheduling my days.  We were a hot mess of a family and I was constantly apologizing to someone or other.  So I ran to Target and picked up one of those giant paper calendars to put on the back of our front door.  Everyone writes their important dates and deadlines on it so I am better able to help the kids stay on top of school projects as well as my own engagements.  It works wonderfully, but it is terribly unattractive.  This year, I resolved to solve the ugly calendar situation.

It's January 7th and I have already accomplished my biggest goal for the year!  How's that for aiming low?!  I had an old 16x20 inch frame in my closet that was the perfect size for a family calendar, so I created a printable blank calendar that could sit in thew frame under the glass and work as a perpetual calendar for the whole year.  I. Am. Rocking. 2014!

Printable Calendar for 2014 at
We hung the frame on the back of the door using Command Adhesive picture hanging strips.  They work like a charm, holding the frame securely in place even though the door gets opened and closed a million times a day. I also added a couple magnetic clips on the door underneath it to hold signed papers that need to be returned to school or letters that need to go out to the mailbox.

Printable Calendar for 2014 at
I bought a set of dry erase markers to write on the glass, but I found that a plain old fine-tipped Sharpie works a whole lot better.  You can see the difference in the photo above -- the numbers that look a little faded and splotchy are the dry erase markers, and the darker, clearer ink is the Sharpie.  A paper towel moistened with a little rubbing alcohol will wipe the Sharpie right off when you're ready to erase and start a new month.  Plus, Sharpies come in a million colors so, theoretically, you could color code your calendar to keep you even more organized.

If you would like to download and print the basic calendar for your personal use:

Printable Calendar for 2014 at
Hold down CTRL while clicking on the calendar image above to open it in a new window.  Click on the image again to make sure it is displayed at full size, then right click and save to your computer.  You can upload the image and print it at any photo processing site.  I prefer Costco Photo Center because they are super fast, cheap {just $5.99 for a 16x20 poster print}, and great quality.  The image is scaled to be printed 16x20 inches so that it is plenty big enough to write on.

Do you have a little trick to keep your family life in order?  If so, please share in the comments.  

 Have a great week, friends!

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  1. Did you copy the calendar backwards so it would show through the glass frontwards? (It looks like you covered the back with burlap and then laid the printed glass on top). Or did you copy the calendar onto a burlap looking paper that was 16 x 20?

    1. You don't have to do anything tricky or fancy at all! Just have the image printed, as-is, as a 16x20 photo then put it behind the glass of your frame. The burlap is part of the photo print. The photo print with the calendar are behind the glass. All that is actually on the glass is what you write on it with the pen. Does that make sense? Hope that helps!

  2. Will you be making a 2015 calendar as well?


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