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DIY Sweater Knit Leggings

DIY Sweater Knit Leggings at /

I saw this fun sweater knit fabric on Wholeport's website and knew I just had to make something with it.  Then I started seeing all kinds of printed leggings on Pinterest and the wheels in my brain started spinning.  "Wouldn't sweater knit leggings be soooo comfy and cozy?" I thought to myself.  "Why, yes! Yes, they would be comfy and cozy," my polite self responded, "And adorable, too!"  When I mentioned the idea to Sis, we may have squealed and done a little happy dance about how lucky she is to have a brilliant {stylish} mom who makes cute things for her.  Although . . . she may have just been happy dancing about getting some stylish new leggings . . . hmmmmmm.  Whatever.

To begin, we needed a pattern.  I like to use old rolls of cheap wrapping paper to draw out patterns.  It's a great way to get a lot of paper for very little money.  Sis has a pair of leggings that is her absolute favorite.  They fit just right and look cute, so we decided to use those to draw our pattern.  Roll out your paper until it is long enough to trace your leggings on.  Cut that piece off of the roll then fold it in half lengthwise to find the center.

DIY Sweater Knit Leggings at /
Fold your leggings in half and lay on top of the paper, lining up the side of the leg with the fold in the paper.  Your waistline will probably be higher in the front than in the back.  We need to take that into account to get a really good fit. Trace around the outside edge of the pants, stopping at the front waistline point.  Flip the leggings over and line up the side of the leg with the fold in the paper again.  Trace the outside edge of the pants onto the paper again, this time stopping at the back waistline point.  Use a long ruler or straight edge to connect the waist front with the waist back point.  Add 1/2" for seam allowance to all edges except waist edge, where you will add 1 1/2 - 2".  Cut out your pattern.

DIY Sweater Knit Leggings at /
Fold your fabric in half.  Lay pattern out on top of fabric, keeping the center line of pattern parallel to the folded edge of fabric.  Pin in place and cut out through both layers of fabric.  You will need two identical pieces of fabric to make your leggings. 

Now you're ready to sew the leggings!! I have sewn a million pairs of pajama pants in my day and leggings use basically the same method.  I am an OK seamstress, but a terrible teacher so I sat here for about an hour trying to write up a tutorial that would make sense to y'all.  Finally, I threw in the towel and found an AMAZING tutorial at One Little Minute.  No sense in trying to re-invent the wheel, right?  Miranda teaches you how to draft a pattern from scratch, which is pretty fancy.  If you copied a pair of leggings you own and love like I did, you can begin following along about halfway down the page where she starts sewing the black and white fabric.  She sews her leggings exactly the way I sewed mine, only she is awesome at explaining what she's doing!!  You'll be grateful I sent you her way, I promise.

My only tip for you is that you need to make sure and finish your edges when working with a sweater knit like this.  If you have a serger, that would work beautifully.  I do not have a serger, so I sewed each seam then went back and sewed a zig zig stitch along each seam allowance so that the leggings won't start unraveling at the seams. 

After less than an hour of cutting and sewing I ended up with these fun, stylish leggings for Sis:

DIY Sweater Knit Leggings at /
DIY Sweater Knit Leggings at /
 It is unseasonably warm here in Arizona, so I'm not sure how much longer she'll get to wear them this year, but they are, in fact, comfy, cozy AND stylish.  Triple win!  Head to Wholeport to get some sweater knit fabric to make some for yourself.

**Supplies to make this project have been provided by Wholeport.  As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.**

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