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Easter Grass Centerpiece

Grow Your Own Easter Grass Centerpiece at
Hi guys!  Remember when I made my cloth napkins and felt bow napkin rings and I mentioned how I had a fun idea for an Easter centerpiece that would coordinate with them?  I finally got it together to share with y'all today.  A little more than a week ago I started growing some wheat grass for it.  Looking on Pinterest in the past few days, I can see that I wasn't the only blogger who thought it would be fun to plant and grow Easter grass this year -- it's pretty trendy.  Oh, well.  Great minds think alike, right?  I decided to go ahead and share mine anyway because it's a little bit different method than most I have seen.

Grow Your Own Easter Grass Centerpiece at

What I like about this method is that it doesn't require any dirt so you can grow grass just about anywhere -- even on a pewter platter from the thrift store.  It's a really simple process, but it has been fascinating.  The best part is that you get results so quickly.  The grass above has been growing for exactly 1 week, but from the very first day we could see changes every time we looked at it.  I'm not even exaggerating!

All you need are some paper towels and about ½ cup of hard red wheat.  Don't use the stuff that is sitting in your food storage.  If it has been dry-packed it will not sprout.  I got mine at Whole Foods in their bulk bins.  It cost less than a dollar for more than enough wheat to plant this 10-inch circle.  Here is what we started with on Day 1:

Grow Your Own Easter Grass Centerpiece at
Well, actually I started 24 hours prior by soaking the wheat.  Just put the wheat grains into a cup, cover them with water, and let it sit for 24 hours.  After it has soaked, cut 3-4 good, absorbent paper towels to fit the bottom of your chosen container.  Drain the water and spread the wheat on top of the paper towels.  You want it to be dense, but try to keep it in one single layer.  Spritz it with a water bottle until the paper towls are saturated, but there is not a puddle in your container.  

Grow Your Own Easter Grass Centerpiece at
Cover the wheat with 3 more paper towels and spritz again to saturate the top towels.  For the next day or two, you will want to leave the top towels on it and spritz it often.  Don't let it dry out.  It shouldn't be a problem -- everyone in our house checked on it and gave it a squirt or two of water every time they walked through the dining room.  By the next morning, you should start to see teeny white sprouts coming out of the wheat.  Once you start to see green sprouts, take the top paper towels off and set the grass in a sunny spot.

Grow Your Own Easter Grass Centerpiece at
It starts to get kind of puffy as the roots start spreading downward.

Grow Your Own Easter Grass Centerpiece at
It's awesome!  Continue to spritz the grass with water several times a day and watch it grow and grow and grow.  Just be sure to keep it wet enough that the bottom towels are saturated, but the roots aren't sitting in a pool of water.

Grow Your Own Easter Grass Centerpiece at
By the 7th day your grass will be 2-3 inches long, but it will continue to grow as you water it.  If it gets too long, use scissors to trim it up.  {Throw the clippings into your green smoothies.  You pay extra for a wheat grass boost at juice places!}  

To make my centerpiece, I tied a piece of grosgrain ribbon around the base of the grass to hide the little bit of roots that were showing.  I painted a few paper maché Easter eggs to scatter in the grass and add some color.  To continue watering the grass, drizzle water down into the roots, avoiding getting it on the eggs.

Grow Your Own Easter Grass Centerpiece at
It has been so much fun to watch this grass grow over the past few days!  My family was skeptical at first, but were won over as soon as it started sprouting.  This little patch of grass now gets as much attention as our pet does.  Growing grass for Easter may just have to be our new family tradition.  If you would like to give it a try, there's still plenty of time before Easter to get a good patch of grass of sprouted!

Have a great day!


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