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How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at
Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I serve on a committee at church right now that is responsible for planning monthly get-togethers for the women in our congregation.  It has been so much fun!  About a week and a half ago we held a nice dinner followed by a class taught by one of our local church leaders.  We wanted it to be a really nice evening for the women.  As I was brainstorming ideas for decorations, I knew I wanted to have some really pretty flower arrangements.  Peonies and hydrangeas.  Tons of palest pink and coral roses and vanilla tulips.  You know, the good stuff.  Our budget wasn't even going to come close to justifying the flowers I dreamed up in my head, so I turned to the internet for a solution. 

Sometimes we have to get a little creative to make things work and that's just what I did.  Paper flowers are super-inexpensive and they have their own special kind of beauty.  Plus, they don't die so you can make them well in advance of your event.  They really aren't very hard to make either.  I just pulled out my crepe paper {or coffee filters or tissue paper} and scissors every evening when I sat down to watch TV and whipped a few up.  Before I knew it, I had enough paper flowers for 8 table centerpieces and one large arrangement for the buffet table and I had only spent $10 {maybe $15} on supplies.  Not too shabby, right?

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at

To give you an idea of quantities you will need, the table centerpieces each had 2 hydrangeas, 1 peony, 2-3 roses, 2 tulips and 2 marigolds sitting in a mason jar.

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at
The large arrangement had 5 hydrangeas, 5 peonies, 12-15 roses, 8 tulips, and 6 marigolds in a white ceramic soup tureen.  I filled the bottom of the tureen with floral foam and stuck the flower "stems" into that to hold the shape of the arrangement.  Start the arrangement by placing the largest flowers.  I did the big white hydrangeas first, followed by the dark pinkish coral peonies.  Then fill in with the next biggest flowers -- the roses -- followed by the tulips then the marigolds.  Bend the floral wire stems or move flowers around until you have the look you want without any big gaps in between flowers.

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at
The big white hydrangeas were the easiest to make.  I simply followed this tutorial on 33 Shades of Green and I love the way they turned out.  I used about 1½ packs of plain white tissue paper from the dollar store to make all the hydrangeas and marigolds I needed for our event, so they're really inexpensive.  Love that!

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at
These peonies were my favorite of all the flowers I made.  They were a little more involved because you have to make the stamen with embroidery floss and cut and shape each individual petal, but they are STUNNING!  I think they are the flowers that "made" the arrangements.  Of course, Martha Stewart's tutorial was the best for this flower.  I adapted it slightly to make the more realistic stamen suggested here at Craftberry Bush.  I purchased the crepe paper at  That perfect rosy, coral-y color is called English Rose.

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at
After making the peonies, with their 30-some petals each, these 6-petal tulips seemed like a breeze.  This was another Martha Stewart pattern.  Again, the crepe paper was from in French Vanilla.

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at
The roses were the most realistic looking of the bunch.  You'd never believe they were made from coffee filters that were dyed with food coloring!  I followed this awesome tutorial from Aunt Peaches -- the second one for the Happy Ruffled Rose.  Plus, you'll enjoy her story about using these flowers to sell rubber boobs.  Just go read it.  I used food coloring to dye my filters instead of paint, but after that I followed her tutorial pretty closely.  Instead of using green masking tape, I used clear Scotch tape and then covered the stem with green floral tape when I was finished.

I wanted my roses to be layers of varying colors from pink to peach.  I filled a 9x13 pan with warm water then added a few drops of red food coloring and dunked a small stack of filters.  After they were completely saturated, I wadded them up to squeeze all the excess water out and laid them on a surface covered in paper towel to dry.  Then I added a few drops of yellow to the mix and dyed a few more filters.  I continued on mixing colors and dying until all the coffee filters had been dyed.  They started out very pale, but got deeper and more intense in color as more dye was added to the water.  After all the filters were dry, I used about 4 filters of varying shades to make each rose.  I love the subtle color variations in the finished flowers.

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at
The marigolds were a little bit of an after thought, when I decided that I needed a pop of bright yellow to balance all the more neutral tones.  I followed this tutorial from Le Chateau des Fleurs to make these, using white tissue paper leftover from the hydrangeas and dyeing it with yellow food coloring.  Instead of using brads in the center I simply put two staples in an X in the center of the stack of punched tissue paper.  I then dipped the flower in water mixed with yellow food coloring and allowed it to dry before fluffing it up and hot gluing each one to a piece of floral wire.

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at
I was really pleased with how they all turned out, but more than that, I had a great time making them!  If you are someone who enjoys working with your hands, you will likely find this process very relaxing.  When my daughter saw them, she got all excited about the prospect of using paper flowers for her wedding in the future.  I'd be on board with that!

As a side note, here are the invitations we made for the event:

How to Make Life-Like Paper Flowers at
That is the watercolor printable of the Gilbert LDS Temple that I shared a few weeks ago on the front.  It's just an example of a fun, creative way you could use that image.  I'll be sharing a post about how to make the invitation as well as a printable template in the next few days.

Have a great week, friends!


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  1. These are adorable! They would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower!


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