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2015 Planner Printables

2015 Printable Planner at /
Hi guys!  If you are visiting today from Craftaholics Anonymous for the rest of the 2015 calendar and planner printables, WELCOME!  I am so excited for the New Year.  I love the way everything seems fresh and new and brimming with potential in January.  I’m not much of a resolution maker, but I am a planner.  I love a good to-do list and a calendar full of deadlines.  And I absolutely ADORE getting a new day planner every January. For the past several years I have designed my own planner that is custom made for exactly the way I like to work.  In the early years I was highly focused on the cuteness and less on the functionality. Gradually I tweaked the design, first dialing the cuteness waaaay down  in favor of practicality, then dialing it back up a little bit to find a happy balance.   

I have finally come up with something that really seems to work.  It’s not too expensive and it keeps my whole life – blog, meal planning, to-do lists, and calendar – all in one place with a little extra space to jot down ideas and stuff.  It’s big enough that I can keep track of every member of my family, but not so big that it is burdensome.

2015 Printable Planner at /

Let me give you a tour of this fun new planner.  First of all, it has calendar pages for every month of the year so I can see my whole month at a glance.  I find that important so I don’t over-schedule myself one week or plan time-consuming projects too close to important family events.  I have these pages printed in color on card stock at my favorite print center {Staples – those guys are awesome}.  The card stock pages act as dividers so I can flip easily between months in the planner.  You can download the 12 calendar pages over at Craftaholics Anonymous right now.

2015 Printable Planner at /

In between the monthly pages, I have these weekly page spreads.  These are awesome because they allow me to break my big goals and projects down into do-able daily tasks, while keeping track of my kids’ and husband’s schedules as well.  The boxes on the far left allow me to plan my blog posts for the week.  If you are not a blogger, those would be great for tracking your goals, planning  projects, or recording memorable events each week.  Of course there’s the to-do list section, the spaces to record my daily tasks and deadlines, and then a box at the bottom right for my menu plan.

2015 Printable Planner at /

Since not every month is exactly 4 weeks, I have a file you can download for the 4-week months {February, March, May, June, August, October & November this year}, and another file for the 5-week months {January, April, July, September & December this year}.  I love writing on graph paper – it’s one of my quirks – so I have offered a graph paper and a plain paper option as well.

2015 Printable Planner at /

Because blogging is my “job” – actually my other job, after school nursing – I also have a page every month to track my income and stats.  You can add those pages if you find them helpful or leave them out if you don’t. 

There is also a cover page:

2015 Printable Planner at /

Since some of the pages are color and some are black and white, I had them all printed at Staples first:

the 12 month calendar in color on card stock
7 of the 4 week file in black and white on regular paper
5 of the 5 week files in black and white on regular paper 
the cover image in black and white on card stock

Then I arranged everything exactly how I wanted it and finished by having it all spiral bound.  The whole thing cost about $20.  I can scribble away in this planner to my heart’s content and keep myself completely moderately organized. {I’m only human after all!}

Have a wonderful New Year, friends!



  1. This is totally cute and I NEED something like this to keep me a little (okay, a lot) more organized. This is probably a silly question . .. on your weekly pages, do you have them printed back-to-back or one to a page? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! It's not a silly question at all -- I should have been more clear in the post. I print the pages back to back to conserve a little paper and money.

    2. I figured that was the case, but wanted to double check.

  2. Happy New Year! I loved using your planner this year! Do you have plans to make one for 2016?


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