My 3 Monsters: Faux Pallet Art World Map Free Printable

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Faux Pallet Art World Map Free Printable

Faux Pallert Art World Map Printable at /
Hi guys!  I shared this project a while back on Craftaholics Anonymous, but I thought I'd share it again today in case you missed it.  Are y’all fans of pallet art?  I love the cool, rustic look of it and have thought about trying to re-create some of the amazing projects I have found via Pinterest.  Sadly, that’s as far as I ever got — THINKING about it.  {That’s not true.  I did make some mini pallet art projects.}  Here’s the thing – and maybe a lot of you are in the same boat – I don’t have a ton of tools . . . or spare time.  I wanted a “Lazy Girl’s Pallet Project“.  If you’re anything like me, this project will be right up your alley!

Since we painted our walls white this fall I have been working to add colorful, fun accessories to our home.  I decided a big patchwork-style world map would be a perfect anchor piece for a gallery wall above the couch in the living room.  Get your pen and paper because here are the complex steps:

1. Download the free Faux Pallet Art World Map Printable image.
I have scaled the image to several common sizes so you can decide how big or small you want your map to be.  Mine is a 20 x 30 inch poster print.  You can also get the image in 16 x 20 inch, 11 x 14 inch, and 8×10 inch versions.

2. Print the image.

Faux Pallet Art World Map Printable at /
This can be done at your favorite photo printing center.  I usually use Costco for larger prints because you can’t beat their speed or their prices.

3. Hang the image on your wall– with or without a frame.

Above is the poster print stuck to the wall college-style {with plasti-tack}, which I would probably consider if I were putting it into one of my kids’ rooms.  Or if I were still in college and renting.  I like the casual look of it.  I wanted to be a little “fancier” since I’m 40 and technically a grown-up, so I mod-podged my poster print onto a canvas to give it a little dimension when hanging on the wall as you can see below.

Faux Pallet Art World Map Printable at /
Super easy, cheesy right?!!  That’s all there is to it, my friends!  You have instant {faux} pallet art, folks.  It looks faaabulous and you didn’t hardly have to do anything!  You can see it still looks a little bare and relatively colorless here, but imagine {with the power of Photoshop} that same map surrounded by a carefully curated collection of marquee letters, clocks,  and other cool pieces:

Faux Pallet Art World Map Printable at /
You gotta love virtual room makeovers, right?  This map would work equally well in a family room or a kid’s room — anywhere you need a pop of color and whimsy.

Where will you put your Free Pallet Art World Map Print? I’d love to hear how you display and use this free printable!

Have a great day, friends!

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