My 3 Monsters: The Beginnings of an Eclectic Master Bedroom Refresh

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The Beginnings of an Eclectic Master Bedroom Refresh

Master Bedroom Plan for a light, bright and eclectic refresh at /

{Forgive me for not putting our bed skirt back on before taking these photos . . .The bed, she looks a little naked on the bottom.  Oops. And pretend I smoothed out that duvet cover better, mmmkay?}

Hi guys!  We decided 2015 was going to be the year of "getting after it", or the year in which we finally finished some of the projects we have always talked about doing in our home.  High up on the list was our master bedroom.  Several years ago {after our then-brand-new puppy decided to make our bedroom floor her personal litter box} we ripped out our carpet and decided to get a little creative with the flooring.  I used polyurethane to “glue” burlap down to the concrete subfloor, which looked awesome-ish . . . until we realized that our sweet new puppy was going to continue to relieve herself in there, carpeted or not.  That’s when we learned some simple mathematics and science:   

[brown burlap + polyurethane]+ (dog pee pee)10 = permanent  white splotches all over the floor.  

As if that weren’t ugly enough, we learned another fun fact – burlap isn’t really that durable.   We quickly began to wear holes in the higher traffic areas of the room.  I’m all for shabby chic, but this was NOT a version of the look I had envisioned.  In a fit of utter disgust and frustration, my sweet husband tore up the burlap while I was at work one day, leaving us with an even shabbier and even less chic concrete floor. And then we hit the pause button for several months.

Master Bedroom Plan for a light, bright and eclectic refresh at /

Happily, we treated ourselves to a new mattress forChristmas, which proved to be the catalyst for major change up in here.  We couldn’t have such a nice, comfortable bed and such a nasty, uncomfortable floor.  We found the bargain of the century on some laminate that is an almost exact match to what we have in the rest of the main living area of our house.  While I hope and dream that someday we can replace the whole house with a dark walnut flooring, it’s just not in the cards anytime soon.  The price on this Brazilian Cherry was right {like 39 cents a square foot right} and it looks AWESOME compared to what we had.

Master Bedroom Plan for a light, bright and eclectic refresh at /

The new mattress was much deeper than our old one so we had to get new bedding as well.  Our Full/Queen size down comforter looked like a Twin on this extra-deep queen mattress so we upgraded to a King comforter to get a little more side coverage {and some extra fluff!}.  I chose a gray and white striped duvet cover for the bed to match our gray and white walls and rug.  Plus, it’s a little masculine so it will appease my husband when I start bringing in some more colorful, flowery stuff. That’s where we are today.  It’s starting to really come together.

Master Bedroom Plan for a light, bright and eclectic refresh at /

Here’s a little mood board I threw together to give you an idea of where I’m heading with this space:

Master Bedroom Plan for a light, bright and eclectic refresh at /
Sources: 1. Kantha Quilt  2. Ikea Nyponros Duvet Cover  3. Ikea Foto Pendant Lamps  4. Target Sheets  5. Kirklands Concordia Window Pane Cabinets  6. Faux Grain Sack Curtains and Pillows {tutorial coming soon!}  7. Accent Fabrics {yellow, aqua, birds, gray and white}   8. Cheeky Movie Quote Art {DIY, tutorial via Rain on a Tin Roof}  9. painted basket {DIY, tutorial via Yesterday on Tuesday}  

I’m really loving neutral backgrounds right now with pops of bright color and layers of pattern and texture.  In the next few weeks I have some more cool additions to this space that I am looking so forward to sharing with you – Kantha quilts and faux grain sack curtains and DIY artwork, oh my!  We’re also in the planning stages of a major industrial shelving project in our boys’ room that will take place over spring break.  Keep stopping by to see it all go down right here.

Have a great day, my dears!

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