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Cooler By Association

It's kind of fun to be associated with people who do really cool things.  As if somehow I become a little bit cooler because of their accomplishments.  Not really, but it's just fun to be around when they have their moment of glory.  The feeling is almost palpable.  On Sunday my brother-in-law and a friend of ours from church both completed the Ironman Triathalon here in Phoenix.  My sisters and others were there for the whole 12 hours and 20 minutes.  Brent and I brought all the kids along 8 and a half hours in. 
Here's my brother-in-law shortly after we arrived

Bear in mind that at this point he had already swam over 2 miles, biked 112 miles, and was about 10 miles into his MARATHON.  And he was still smiling and joking with us and altogether NOT DEAD, which is what I would be under similar conditions.

It was truly inspiring to sit there and watch these thousands of people run past, pushing through what I can only imagine (based on my half-marathon experience 4 . . . or 5 years ago . . .) must be the single most painful experience of their lives.  Most of them were smiling.  Because, clearly, doing the impossible feels pretty stinkin' good.

It was fun to watch everyone come around the bend to the finish line, high-fiving the crowd.  Or in Whit's case, high-fiving the crowd on the opposite side of the street completely oblivious of your 16 man cheering section going nuts right in front of you.  Whatever.  It was fun.  And I find myself walking with a little spring in my step this week, proud for no real reason.  Just cooler because I associate with coolness.


  1. And I'M cooler because you used my picture from the swim on your famous blog!!!!

  2. And I'm significantly LESS cool because Whit did his ironman just two weeks before I run my lowly boring marathon. Talk about casting a shadow...

  3. Marathon is good. Ironman is maybe a little more good, but both are favorites. We're proud of you, too. Brent and I feel like real slackers here, but I would like to go on record as the one who started this recent Hughes family running trend -- I was the first to sign up for the Vegas half marathon lo those many years ago. So what if I stopped running after that and you all kept it up. Whatevs.

  4. I just found you through Under the table and dreaming. I love love love your blog!

  5. really appreciate YOU -- thanks a lot!


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