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Like a Million Bucks!

Remember my $10 thrift store dresser from 6 months ago?
It had little, tiny, rickety wheels on it.  Those came off before we even got it in the house.

Remember how it looked three weeks ago?
No more tacky hardware.  No more peeling paint. Everything all tightened up and repaired.

Here's what it looks like NOW . . . . . . . .
Some fresh moulding at the base ($7), new bin pulls ($13), and a couple of coats of my favorite "Mermaid" paint and she looks brand new.  Those bin pulls started out life all shiny and brassy.  Offensive to the eye, but budget-friendly at $1.26 each.  All it took was a good spritz of appliance spray paint ($6) to give them new life as well.  The dad of the house thinks they should be satin nickle instead of white.  I'm on the fence -- what do you think?  I also think I need to add a little bit of moulding to beef up the top.  It looks a little bottom-heavy to me.  And maybe some cute little feet to raise it up a bit.  Hmmmmm . . . maybe this isn't an "After" picture after all.  It is, however, a pretty snazzy little dresser for the grand total of $36 I've spent so far.  And because it is taller and narrower than the one we had before, the dining room feels a lot more open, which is priceless in a tiny home like ours.

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  1. Grey can look so nice and crisp. Great job.

  2. I think I agree about the satin nickel pulls. And also the top moulding. Unless it feels like too much work. Looks fabulous either way:)

  3. I think satin nickel pulls would be better, but I don't think you need the top moulding. I kinda like the look just as it is. If you must add something, feet would be awesome. They would make it look so much more feminine and pretty. Like I said though, I really like the shape just as it is. Super cute!


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