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Favorite New Time Waster

Do any of us really need a NEW way to waste our time? {Yeah, I just drop-capped it like it's hot again. Jealous?} This is how I killed time yesterday and successfully avoided my housework all morning. On Polyvore you can "shop" virtually and put together outfits with accessories and hairstyles and everything.  It's pretty therapeutic if you, like me, are a person who finds shopping in times of stress soothing, but who, like me, has a very strict budget to adhere to. You can "shop" expensive designer clothing {like the $1300 Burberry gray wool coat down there} that I can only dream of owning, which is super fun.  I sometimes like to pretend I can afford pretty things like that.  But my favorite thing to do is find cute stuff that, at another time and place in life, I could ACTUALLY afford to buy {like everything else pictured -- $50 or less}and create pretty combos.  It's like paper dolls for grown ups.  Oh, how I loved paper dolls as a girl.  *sigh*

Comfortable evening wear

mother/ daughter {shared dress}

Don't you love that navy blue dress up there -- very Kate Middleton . . . or Duchess Catherine, or whatever her name is now.    Does it bother me that when I go to my closet to get dressed in a few minutes I will find none of those classy outfits pressed and waiting to go?  Not really.  Besides, I have no plans today.  Maybe I'll just sit here in my pajamas and play a little longer . . .

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  1. I just LOVE your style. Those blue shoes are to.die.for. I want them. ;)


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