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It's Fine . . .

I don't really like being sick. For many reasons, really, but mostly because an illness, however minor, always seems to be followed by an extended period {lasting from a few days to a few weeks} of "the dumps".  You know when you feel better-ish, but completely drained and unmotivated?  Which is unfortunate because after I've taken a couple days off from the housework and the blog to nurse myself to health, I really need to get up and moving again.  There is indeed much to be done, but all I can bring myself to do is watch every super old episode of My So-Called Life on Hulu Plus and eat ice cream in my jammies.  {Remember that show?  Oh, how I loved it back in the day.  I tried to share it with my daughter, but 5 minutes in she said, "This show is so old!" in that disgusted teen-ager voice girls her age can do so well. But that is neither here nor there.} 

It doesn't really help my "dumpy" situation that our hot water heater had to be replaced a couple weeks ago and we were dropped by our endocrinologist for missing an appointment last week.  And we got some crummy news on the job-front today.  Again.  But I'm not going to dwell on that.  It's fine.  That's my new mantra.  If it can't be changed, "It's fine . . .".  It has to be, right?  What else can I do?  I'm just gonna' dive into the mountain of laundry in the garage and try to gain some physical {and spiritual and emotional} momentum.

Tonight was a good night.  Brent and Ri are at a Scout camp-out and Sis is gone all weekend on a school trip, so D and I got to spend a little one-on-one time.  We had pizza and rootbeer for dinner and were joined by our good friends Ben & Jerry for dessert.  {And I may have watched an episode of My So-Called Life while he played on the computer.  Whatever.}  Anyway, if you know a good pediatric endocrinologist in Chandler leave me a note in the comments.  Thanks friends!


  1. I'm right there with ya! We've been sick for 3 weeks, and just when I thought we were all well, my daughter came home from school with a fever yesterday. I'm technically better, but I'm so exhausted I can't do anything but sit at the computer or move at a turtle's pace. I have so much to do this weekend, and yet, I know I will spend a good portion of my weekend on the couch with a book, while my house is a (most-likely germy) mess and no one has any clean clothes. *sigh* It's fine, right?

    Hope you're feeling energetic and motivated soon. And all that other stuff will fall into place somehow. Worrying about it never seems to help, does it?

  2. Again our lifes are so similar Amy....sigh...I like your "its fine" attitude though...because you're right...there isn't much we can do. I have a good endo dr. but she's not in Chandler she's in Phoenix. I saw him til I was 18. Her name is Joan Baily. My OB/GYN recomended I see her when I was pregnant. I ended up just sticking to my Dr, but I have heard GREAT things about her. If you want her number let me know. Also at Phx Children's Hospital (which I know is far away) there is Dr Hasan. He's a pediatric Endo.


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