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Valentine Pillow Covers

I don't usually do a lot of seasonal decorating - not because I don't want to.  I just don't have room to store or display things in my tiny house.  I'm really working to figure out how I can add some fun dècor for holidays other than Christmas and have it still be functional for my family.  I got a couple of little pillows for my couches a while back and I have decided to change those out every so often throughout the year.  At Christmas they were black and red plaid and ruffly. {Didn't manage to get pictures of that...}  Here is their current incarnation in celebration of Valentines Day:
Every single member of my family looked at them yesterday and said, "I don't get it -- jee tayme and I love lambs?"  OK, Brent got the french one because he speaks french, but no one got the I love EWE one.  Is it so difficult?  Really?  I'm feeling a little foolish here.  Anyway, I like them a lot.  I created each design in Gimp and printed it onto iron on paper.  Here are the designs if you'd also like to share your love of lambs with the world:

Click on the pictures to enlarge them to full size, then right click and save to your computer.  Be sure to print them as a mirror image onto your iron on paper or you'll be sorely disappointed. {Don't ask how I know that.}  Then you can either sew up your own pillow cover or buy one ready made and iron them on.  I found some great white canvas at Goodwill yesterday {$1.00.  Holla!} so I sewed mine.  You'll want to prewash whatever you're using to remove any sizing or dust, etc. before you iron on your design or else it will crack and peel when washed.  {Don't ask how I know that either.} I had some zippers on hand so I did a zipper closure instead of the envelope style I usually do, and then I added a simple pleated ruffle across the top and bottom.

Please ignore the dog hair in those close-ups.  My little Cassie thinks she needs to sleep with her head on a pillow.  Like a person.  She's ridiculous.  But that is neither here nor there, really.  This was a super quick and fun project to sweeten up my living room dècor for the upcoming love-fest.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I just stopped by to say that I totally get the lamb pillow... I love "you" was the fist thing I thought of... Adorable.

  2. How cute! I'm pinning this and visiting from!

  3. I LOVE these! I made a similiar pillow with our monogram with a box pleat ruffle. It's one of my favorite trims! I host a party on Fridays and I would love if you linked up!

  4. I totally got it. And I love it!


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