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Most of my family was gone for most of the weekend.  It was kind of nice and peaceful.  {Shhh!  Don't tell them I said that.}  After D went to bed Friday night, I took some "me time" and looked for inspiration on the internet, and I tell you, my favorite blogs did not disappoint!  If you don't read The Nester, you really should.  Really.  I adore her.  {No, I don't know her.  No, I'm NOT a creepy stalker.}  She featured a chalk artist on her blog this weekend with whom I instantly fell in love.  I want to paint my whole house in black chalkboard paint and have her come work her magic.  Just look at this:

Are you kidding me?!  Stunningly beautiful, right?  I couldn't pin it fast enough, thinking that some day I may be brave and motivated enough to attempt a replica on my chalk wall in my kitchen.  But I couldn't stop thinking about it, so Saturday I set to work.  It's only chalk, right? If it looked hideous {which I figured it most likely would} I could erase it before the fam got home to see it.  No harm done.  Surprisingly, it turned out alright.  For a first attempt.  On a textured wall.  Whatever.  Here's my rendition:
You can see I didn't dare stray very far from the original, but I did change the wording to suit my home.  Clearly it has its flaws, but I am so smitten with the very idea of it.  And it is a vast improvement over this bit of artistic chaos:
The kids can still draw below the light switch . . . where it doesn't show from the living room.  I'm not a total control freak.  Anymore.


  1. You rock so hard. I love it.

  2. I love this so much! I'll be pinning it for future reference. Visiting from:

  3. WOW. what a GREAT blog you have. Thank you for all your inspiration

  4. Love it! In fact, I love it more than your inspiration!


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